LKG Movie Review


LKG Movie Review

Certificate: U

Language: Tamil

Genre: Comedy Political

Release Date: 22 Feb 2019

Runtime: 02:04:00

LKG Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Priya Anand

    Lead Actress

  2. Anthony


  3. Leon James

    Music Director

  4. Vidhu Ayyanna



LKG movie review

Xappie Desk

Updated: February 22, 2019 11:15 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

LKG Tagline:

RJ Balaji steals the show in this political satire.

LKG Summary:

Councillor Lalgudi Karupaiah Gandhi aka LKG (RJ Balaji) aspires to become a chief minister. The film starts with LKG about to become the CM of the state, but he gets shot. Cut to the flashback, we are shown how LKG manages to reach this level. Being in politics, LKG understands that people are willing to believe you if you impress them with idealistic thoughts.

He takes the help of a corporate firm headed by Priya Anand to become a known politician in the state. His gimmicks earn him the recognition from the people and the trust of Bhojappan (Ramkumar Ganesan) the deputy chief minister. After the current CM gets hospitalised, Bhojappan decides to make LKG contest for the CM post. However, a party member Ramaraj Pandian is opposed to the idea. What happens to LKG and how does he manage to win the citizens forms the rest of the story.

LKG Performances:

RJ Balaji and his performance make the movie-watch experience quite enjoyable. He steals the show with his expressions and manages to make the audience root for a politician like him.

Priya Anand, in her role, shines and brings in a much needed refreshing factor in the movie. It’s good to see a woman play a solid role in a political satire movie that usually concentrates on men and men only.
Nanjil Sampath, J. K. Rithesh and Ramkumar Ganesan have played their parts well and their performances are just perfect for the film.

LKG Positives:

RJ Balaji, who is also the writer of the film, seems to have a good understanding of the genre political satire and stays true to it. LKG is not just a movie that mocks politicians and their ideas. He has made a film that is thought-provoking and has the capability to open up people’s mind.

The writing of the film is so strong that it was nearly impossible to find flaws. From Thala-Thalapathy references to protests against IPL, Bigg Boss, chief minister’s hospitalisation to thermocol, everybody is made fun of and more rightly so.
RJ Balaji and his team should be applauded for writing a sensible character for Priya Anand. She’s not an eye candy in the political satire and plays a key role in making LKG’s vision come true.
RJ Balaji knows it is a risky move to make a movie on politicians. But, he is clever and walks on a thin line between spewing idealism and cynicism.
Unlike other political films, which scratched through the surface, LKG delved deep and edutains people and yet make the experience all the more enjoyable.

LKG Negatives:

The romantic track between RJ Balaji and Priya Anand seems to have forced into the script. But, it is not that long to test your patience.

In a few places, it looks like the film drags on for no point. But, RJ Balaji bounces back with his brilliant counters to get us back into the film.

LKG Verdict:

LKG is definitely a must-watch political satire that stands tall among films of the same ilk. It entertains you and also educates you at the same times says our review