Mane No : 67 Movie Review

Mane No : 67 Movie Review

Certificate: A

Language: Kannada

Genre: Horror

Release Date: 21 Sep 2018

Runtime: 01:56:00


Mane No : 67 movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: October 06, 2018 17:11 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

Mane No : 67 Mane No : 67 movie Story

Mane No 67 is a romantic horror movie. A software engineer who gets a offer in Banglore, is in search of home in the city, then the broker shows him a house in Indiranagar, which is on offer for a nominal rent. The engineer decides to live in that house. Days pass on, he begin to experience ghostly things. One day while watching TV, he tunes into a show which is about ghosts and he belive more in ghosts. Along with the engineer his servent also lives in the same house. she also experience some ghostly things in the house sometimes. It turns out like his friends have been playing pranks with the engineer in a bid to loot him. But they don't that the house is actually haunted. The Scenes with such things turn more comedy than scary.It is better to a comedy film with a twist than to say a horror film.

Mane No : 67 Bottom Line

If you like watching horror films, but are actually scared to watch do so, then Mane No 67 is the film for you to watch, it is more funny than scary.