Operation Gold Fish Movie Review

Operation Gold Fish Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Action Thriller

Release Date: 18 Oct 2019

Runtime: 02:07:00


Operation Gold Fish Movie Review

Operation Gold Fish Review: Sai Kiran Adivi film is utterly boring and ridiculous
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: October 19, 2019 19:39 IST

Rating : 1.5/5

Operation Gold Fish Movie Summary:

Arjun Pandit (Aadi) is an honest a sincere military officer who heads the mission behind capturing Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi), one of the dreaded terrorists in the country. His followers hatch out a plan to release Ghazi Baba. 

They come up with a plan to kidnap a minister’s daughter so that they can threaten the cops and military to release Ghazi Baba. Now, everything lies in Arjun’s hands to safeguard the minister’s daughter.

Operation Gold Fish Movie Performances:

Aadi Saikiran is the only redeeming factor in Operation Gold Fish as he has given his best work. Even though he is not as convincing as a military officer, he has tried his best to lift the film on his shoulders. 

Sasha Chetri, who rise to fame with the Airtel commercial, cannot act for good. She has a very limited range of expressions, which doesn’t seem to be enough to save the film. 

Parvateesam and Karthik Raja’s character are uninteresting and are more annoying. In fact, they do more bad than good to the already failing a story. 

Also, the choice of casting Abburi Ravi as they intimidating Ghazi Baba is a ridiculous thing. It backfired, and the film flunked because of terrible choices made by the makers.

Operation Gold Fish Movie Positives:

Actor Aadi’s performance is the only saving grace of the film. He doesn’t look as mature as a military officer, but he makes it up by playing a college student in the flashback. Looking at his performance when compared to others looks far better.

Operation Gold Fish Movie Negatives:

Operation Gold Fish, directed by Sai Kiran Adivi looks promising when the promos and trailers released. However, the film was a colossal disappointment as the screenplay was a sheer mess. 

Ideally, the film should be a thrilling tale of a military officer. But, the screenplay had a lot of ridiculous moments that reeks of amateurish acts. More than amateurish work, it is how they take the audience for granted. 

The dialogues in Operation Gold Fish are so childish that even a layman can come up with better lines for a serious film. At the end of the film, it feels like the audience are better at coming up with a decent screenplay than this. 

Songs are bland and the cinematography too failed to make a mark. The editing of a thriller should be ideally crisp so that it could give us a feel that the film is thrilling. But, it turned out to be a failure in that aspect too.

Operation Goldfish has several ideas that could have been a positive addition to the story. But, none of these ideas were out to good use and they are all wasted to everyone’s disappointment.

Operation Gold Fish Movie Verdict:

Operation Goldfish directed by Sai Kiran Adivi, turned out to be a disappointment because of its amateurish screenplay and several underwhelming ideas. The film’s only saving grace is Aadi’s acting and sadly, it is not enough to entertain the audience.