RGV Deyyam Movie Review


RGV Deyyam Movie Review

Certificate: A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Horror

Release Date: 16 Apr 2021

Runtime: 02:38:00

RGV Deyyam Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Ram Gopal Varma


  2. Tanikella Bharani


  3. Rajasekhar

    Lead Actor

  4. Sana


  5. Swathi Deekshith

    Lead Actress


RGV Deyyam Review: Neither scares nor thrills

RGV Deyyam Review: Neither scares nor thrills
Ram Gopal Varma and Dr. Rajasekhar earlier worked for the film Patta Pagalu in 2014 but they changed the title as Deyyam and brought it to the theatres now.
Yagna Namburi

Updated: April 16, 2021 13:43 IST

Rating : 2/5

RGV Deyyam Review:

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma teamed up with actor Rajasekhar long back for a film titled Patta Pagalu. However, the director later changed the name to 'Deyyam'. Almost after seven years of the trailer release, the movie is now in the theatres. RGV is popular for his horror-brand movies and he has tried to implement a similar formula in this film. The film released amidst less buzz in the theatres. Swathi Deekshith played the leading lady in the movie.

The film tells the story of a mechanic Shankar (Rajasekhar) and his daughter Vijji (Swathi Deekshith). All of a sudden, Shankar finds his daughter crazy. She starts scaring people at home and the neighbors. A worried Shankar takes Vijji to different people to save her but finally realizes that she is haunted by a spirit. The rest of the story is all about how he dealt with the spirit to ensure his daughter is safe and sound. We will also get to know the story of the ghost! It is a regular template that we see in a lot of horror films, including those of RGV's previous movies.
Performances-wise, Swathi Deekshith has given her best. The actress made her appearance on the Bigg Boss TV show last time. Had the film released around then, it would have helped her big time. Unfortunately, the film is not going to help her, in any way. She has put all her effort to make sure she lives in her character. On the other hand, Rajasekhar played his part well. His performance in the emotional scenes has come out well too. The other actors like Tanikella Bharani, Benarjee, Ananth, and others are also good in their roles. Since the film released late and underwent financial issues, most of the actors have different voices on the screen. It is a major minus point in the film
The film's story is clearly outdated. There is nothing new about this film that RGV brought to us. Moreover, it was made 7 years ago. A lot of things changed in these 7 years and it is easily evident on the screen. Most of the time, the scenes in the film remind us of the old RGV's movies and his trade-mark shots. The film gives big boredom to the audiences from the first scene itself. Technically, the film is very poor. The production values are so weak. The quality of the movie is very bad. From dubbing to editing, the film falls short on all levels. The sound mixing is not done well. At times, it is loud and at times, it is so soft. There is no sync in that aspect. The background score also disappoints. Usually, for films like these, they play a good role but for this film, it is not impressive.
Had the makers released the film on an OTT platform or even on Youtube, they could have gotten more reception than what they will get now. Especially, when there is COVID scare in the theatres, expecting the audiences in theatres, for this old-age out-dated film that is releasing without a buzz is no less than a joke. The only plus point of the film is the performance of Swathi Deekshith. RGV's Deyyam neither scares nor amuses!