2.0 Hindi Movie Movie Review


2.0 Hindi Movie Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Hindi

Genre: Action Thriller

Release Date: 29 Nov 2018

Runtime: 02:29:00

2.0 Hindi Movie Movie Cast & Crew

  1. A. R. Rahman

    Music Director

  2. Allirajah Subaskaran


  3. Amy Jackson

    Lead Actress

  4. B. Jeyamohan


  5. Rajinikanth

    Lead Actor

  6. Sudhanshu Pandey


  7. S. Shankar


  8. Akshay Kumar

    Lead Actor

  9. Nirav Shah


  10. Kalabhavan Shajohn


  11. Adil Hussain


  12. Riyaz Khan


  13. Anthony



Robo 2point0 - 2.0 Hindi Movie Review

Robo 2point0 - 2.0 Hindi Movie Review
Xappie Desk

Updated: December 01, 2018 19:43 IST

Rating : 4/5

2.0 Hindi Movie Story

Shankar and Rajni weave their magic all over again with an extra boost from Akshay.
Robo 2.0 kick starts with a man clinging on a mobile tower and suddenly all the people are flummoxed to see their phones disappear from the hands and fly out. With the phones going missing, on the other hand, Dr. Vaseegaran (Super Star Rajnikanth), the scientist, who designed Chitti incapacitates the latter for his evil behaviour. He instead has a robot, Nila, who is his secretary. It is played by Amy Jackson. With the disappearance of phones, the government requests Vaseegaran to probe into the matter on how the phones are disappearing. In no time, the whole city is attacked by a magnanimous bird made of phones and becomes invincible. Now the issue gets out of hand and the government pleads Vaseegaran to bring back Chitti, which is currently in the dismantled state. Vaseegaran comes up with Chitti 2.0. Now how the old Chitti and Chitti 2.0 version stop the bird from torpedoing the whole city makes the gist of the film.
The movie goes to the flashback mode, revolving around an ornithologist, who loves a lot of birds, especially sparrows. He witnesses his favourite beings die due to man-made inventions. He takes his life off to make a come-back as a force that retaliates against humanity for destroying the birds with the radiation emitted from the phones that we all use. Pakshi Raj played by Akshay Kumar is on a mission and that is to erase mankind, particularly the ones who indulge in mobile phones and erect mobile towers. Now, how Vaseegaran fights it out with Pakshi Raj to save human beings is what the two hours, 26 minutes movie about.

2.0 Hindi Movie Movie Review

Robo 2.0 movie is out and out hero glorifying film and all the Rajni fans, don’t miss the chance… and do the lungi dance, lungi dance during the movie. Robo 2.0 is a no speed breaker spectacle with some spell bounding VFX and of course, Rajnikanth in not one or two but four roles. This Shankar's directorial is a concoction of sci-fi, revenge drama, trepidation, and advanced graphics. People have to wait for a long time to know the flashback. Usually in Shankar films, one can expect the flashback in the first 1 hour itself. Rajnikanth is the saviour the film. He takes up the onus of keeping the audiences gripped. Akshay Kumar is seen more in the second half than first. Well, there is no element of surprise. The movie slips into the predictable mode yet doesn't lose its momentum. We can find a few Shankar elements and we will be reminded of his previous films.

2.0 Hindi Movie Technical Aspects

Nothing can beat the VFX of this film. It is on par with any Hollywood superhero film and this can swell the chest of all the Indians with pride. Srinivas Mohan should be applauded for his magic. The sound effect is spot on. Thanks to Resul Pookutty. Nirav Shah is the cinematographer and his work will surely not go unnoticed. The movie is satiating when watched in 3D. The effects come alive when watched in 3D.

2.0 Hindi Movie Positives

Pure Rajnikanth film with his signature swag and style and of course his Midas touch. There are many rib-tickling scenes, including the one where he makes fun of other stars. Shankar brings back the old stylish Rajnikanth back on screen and we can’t be more happy about it.

2.0 Hindi Movie Negatives

Lack of surprise element and late entry of Chitti 2.0 or Pakshi Raj, because it is only after the entry of 2.0, the movie raises the bar and gets the whole theatre to go bonkers.

2.0 Hindi Movie Bottomline

Watch it! Multiple times. It's a paisa vasool movie. We get to see four different Rajnikanths, unimaginable VFX and of course, Shankar’s imaginations.
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