Thadam Movie Review

Thadam Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Tamil

Genre: Thriller Crime

Release Date: 01 Mar 2019

Runtime: 02:20:00


Thadam Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: February 27, 2019 21:26 IST

Rating : 3/5

Thadam Tagline:

Arun Vijay shines in this riveting thriller.

Thadam Summary:

Kavin and Ezhil are identical twins. One of the twins commit a gruesome murder and tries to erase all the shreds of evidence at the murder site. The police officials investigating the case have a tough time cracking it.

Unable to come to conclusion, a police officer tries to frame one of the twins. Which one of the twins committed the murder? Why did he do it and what was the reason behind it? Will the police arrest the culprit? These questions are answered in the two-hour long film in an intriguing manner.

Thadam Performances:

Arun Vijay is playing dual roles in the film as identical twins Ezhil and Kavin. It is safe to say that has literally shouldered the movie with his brilliant performance.

Vidya Pradeep as an upright police officer investigating the murder mystery is perfect for her role. Though she went overboard with her expressions at times, she did her part very well.

Heroines Tanya Hope and Smruthi Venkat play meager roles in the film. In the limited amount of screen time, they did whatever they could.

Thadam Positives:

Director Magizh Thirumeni has joined hands with Arun Vijay for the second time after Thadayara Thaaka. With Thadam, they have chosen yet another intriguing script.

The second half of the film is extremely detailed and the proceedings make you sit in the edge of the seat. The screenplay needs to be appreciated.

The research work done for the film is clearly shown in the film. The constant question of who committed the murder lingers in your mind until the film reaches its climax.

The plotting and execution of the stunt sequences are well-written and captured. Kudos to Magizh for having an in-depth detailing in his script.

Thadam Negatives:

The film needs a bit trimming and has a few scenes that don’t add any value to the story or have the potential to take the story forward.

During the probing sessions, certain findings look cliched. Many such scenes have heavy build up for no good reason as it dilutes the pace of the story.

Thadam Verdict:

If you’re are the sucker for whodunit thrillers, then Thadam is a must-watch. Though the film takes its sweet time to establish, once it does it is intriguing and fascinating to know about several facts of law.