Class of '83 Movie

Class of '83

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21 Aug 2020 01:38:20

Class of '83 Movie Review: A one time watch thriller

Shahrukh Khan produced Netflix original film Class of 83 starring Bobby Deol is set in early 80's that deals with police encounters.
Manoj Kumar

Updated: August 21, 2020 18:16 IST

Rating : 2.75/5

Class of '83 Story:

Vijay Singh (Bobby Deol) is an accomplished and sincere police officer. But due to some circumstances, he gets sent to a Police Academy as a dead. This transfer doesn't stop Vijay Singh from achieving his mission. He trains five cadets and sends them to a mission that he couldn't finish. But things are not so easy as he thinks them to be. The obstacles faced by Vijay Singh and his cadets and how they dealt with them form the main crux of the story.

Class of '83 Performances:

Bobby Deol came up with a scintillating performance in the movie. It is good to see him back in such a powerful role and he does it with utmost dedication. He gives an impressive act as an old and sincere cop. Debutants Sameer Paranjpe, Bhupendra Jadawat, and Hitesh Bhojraj impress with their performances. Vishwajeet Pradhan and Joy Sengupta have done justice to their roles.

Class of '83 Technical Aspects:

Class of '83 is an adaptation of Hussain Zaidi's book of the same name. It deals with the personal and professional life of Vijay Singh. How he effectively managed to overcome the obstacles in both lives is the basic plotline of the movie. It is an interesting storyline. Director Atul Sabharwal could have done a better job in making it a gripping crime thriller. The film just fails to make us invested in the proceedings for a long time. The rest of the technical departments shined big time. Right from the music to the cinematography to the production design, everything is perfect. The production values are great, all thanks to producer Shah Rukh Khan. Just a better screenplay would have made it a brilliant film.

Class of '83 Positives:

The runtime of one and a half hours is a major plus for this film. There are no unwanted scenes in the movie. A small runtime always helps in building a thriller. The suspense the makers created in the lead character is good. All the actors have given exemplary performances in their respective roles.

Class of '83 Negatives:

The jarring screenplay is the big negative of this movie. Better work in the writing department would have made the film an engaging one. The non-linear narration also makes the normal audiences confused about the movie's proceedings. Sometimes, we feel that the makers could have made it as a web series than a film as there is much to explore in the book.

Class of '83 Verdict:

Class of '83 is a good one-time watch that can please the fans of crime thrillers.