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Double Dad

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15 Jan 2021 01:45:00

Double Dad Movie Review

Double Dad movie is a simple search for her biological father introduces a girl to some unexpected bonding for life
Saumya Bansal

Updated: January 15, 2021 14:33 IST

Rating : 3/5

Double Dad Movie Review:

Double Dad is the latest release on Netflix which is a Brazilian film about a girl who manages to escape her hippie community called Cosmic Universe to find her father who she has never met. While her mother is away in India, Vicenza (Maisa Silva) finds a photo in her mother's things which leads her to Rio De Janeiro to find her biological father. Vicenza reaches out to the man in the photo called Paco and they develop an unexpected bond as they begin to know each other. While things were going as per Vicenza's plans, she finds another photo that hinted at the possibility of another man being her father. After much thinking, she reaches Giovanne's office where she tells him about her and they too start bonding. While Vicenza enjoyed her time with her two possible fathers, fate has something else stored for her. Will Vicenza find her biological father in Paco or Giovanne, or something unexpected is going to surprise her in the end? You'll have to watch the film to find out for yourself.

Double Dad Movie Analysis:

The makers of Double Dad have created a very safe and simple film, exactly what the audience these days are fond of. After a while, the story becomes so expected that some of the viewers may lose interest in the film too soon before the ending. Not just this, some scenes are so cliche and good to be true that it almost feels like watching some Disney princess movie. Being a little biased for my nation, I liked the scenes where Vicenza's mother was shown to be much inspired by the Indian culture and beliefs, but by the end of the film, it was shown in a negative light. For instance, where the only thing taken away from her visit to India was 'lots of flies'. This somehow made me a little disappointed like most foreign films that show India as nothing more than a pile of garbage.

Talking about the acting, all the actors were good in their respective roles. Newsflash: There were no over the top scenes where we could really judge them for their expressions and dialogues. But this also doesn't take away the credits from Maisa Silva who outshined herself in every scene as Vicenza. Her hippie clothes and fascinating smile were enough for the audience to mesmerize her innocence as a little girl.

Double Dad Movie Verdict:

Overall, Double Dad started well and had the potential of becoming a memorable film this year but sadly it fell short of anything new to deliver on the plate and ended up becoming just another Netflix film.