In The Name of God webseries Review

In The Name of God Webseries Review

In The Name of God watch online on Aha

Age: 15+

Language: Telugu

Genre: Thriller Crime

Streaming Date: 11 Jun 2021

Duration: 00:45:00


In The Name of God Web Series Review - Mundane and dreary crime-drama

Aha Video has been aggressively promoting In The Name of God, a crime-drama web series featuring Priyadarshi, Posani Krishnamurali, and Nandini Rai in important roles. Let us see if the series is wort
Yagna Namburi

Updated: June 18, 2021 22:16 IST

Rating : 1.5/5

In The Name of God Review - Story:

Aadi (Priyadarshi), a young lad aspires to build and operate a resort in his village. Incidentally, he is lured by Meena (Nandini Rai), the young wife of a local thug and adult film director Ayyappa (Posani Krishnamurali). All hell breaks loose after Ayyappa is murdered and Aadi is framed for the same? Why did Meena lure Aadi? Will he be able to free himself from this gruesome trap?

In The Name of God Review - Analysis:

In The Name of God is a 7-part limited series which revolves around greed, lust, duping, and adultery. But sadly none of these aspects are organically developed from the core plot, but instead forcefully infused into the narrative to give the series a “cool” touch and make it look appropriate for Telugu web space. The character arcs are inexistant and that results in literally zero emotional connect.

The story is set in Rajahmundry and it touches the lives of a lower-caste youth, an adult filmmaker, his lustful wife, her boyfriend, and a hoard of other half-baked characters. The supposed thrilling elements surrounding the murder mystery are farcical and incoherent. The tempo of the proceedings in the first episode itself are agonisingly slow and that sets the stage for the poorly-written and even more hideously presented subplots.
Sequences which needed earnest storytelling were presented in the most silly way possible. Subplots like a hotheaded gangster losing his mind after the death of his loving dog and a young and sultry wife devising a wicked plan to spice up her love life are not compelling.
On top of all the cartoon-esque adult drama, the viewers are subject to unnecessarily explicit dialogues. There is a cuss word in literally every other dialogue. Hard to predict the writer’s intention behind the same. The twists in the tale unfold at random junctures and it is safe to say that the viewer would have already lost interest in what is happening on the screen.
Priyadarshi’s fine performance is one of the very few positives of the film. Nandini Rai as the bold wife fits the bill. Mohammed Ali Baig as the antagonist delivers a very good performance as well. Music is underwhelming and so is the background score. Cinematography is neat.

In The Name of God Review - Verdict:

In The Name of God is a mundane and dreary crime-drama that has very few things going its way. It makes for a poor viewing.