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Lahore Confidential

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04 Feb 2021 02:10:00

Lahore Confidential Review

Lahore Confidential is dominated by its romantic elements that overshadows an interesting espionage story.
Apoorv Shandilya

Updated: February 04, 2021 21:33 IST

Rating : 2.25/5

Lahore Confidential Movie Synopsis:

Lahore Confidential is the story of an Urdu loving Indian spy called Ananya who falls in love with a man in Pakistan during her mission in a hostile country. As Ananya deals with questions of morality and the dispute between her personal and private life, she must make a decision that affects more than just her own life.

Lahore Confidential Movie Storyline:

The film follows Ananya as she is sent to Pakistan to join an Indian diplomatic mission. Ananya is secretly an Indian spy whose purpose is to infiltrate the ranks of a terrorist organisation which is planning to attack India. Ananta is a flawed spy whose love for Urdu comes in between her mission and later tangles her into a fine mess with the same people that she is supposed to be fighting.

Lahore Confidential Movie Performances:

Lahore Confidential brings together the unique genres of romance and espionage into one that requires an incredible chemistry between its lead. However, the show fails to capture this chemistry between Richa Chaddha and Singh. While the actors are good in their individual roles, they lack the capability to help the film rise to any value. Especially when Bollywood has produced films such as Raazi, Lahore Confidential lacks a compelling story that gets overshadowed by its larger-than life themes.

Lahore Confidential Movie Positives:

Behind all the quirky romance Lahore Confidential has an interesting story of espionage and of the world of spies. Director Kunal Kohli is also able to paint a very distinct picture of the similarity that Pakistanis and Indians share when it comes to their cultures. Richa Chaddha also shines in certain parts of the show when she is allowed to command the position that she is placed into.

Lahore Confidential Movie Negatives:

Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of the show is in its bad casting decisions. If the chemistry between the two lead actors was any better, it would better make the film so much better. However, with a short run time the bad chemistry shines even more glaringly and becomes too obvious for all the other good elements to ever come through. The film’s script also fails to do any justice to its actual story that seems confused about what its final goal is.

Lahore Confidential Movie Verdict:

Lahore Confidential is a testament to the fact that sometimes some projects are too big to be taken up by small producers. If the film was placed in better hands the final product could have been much better. However, in its current state, the film stands in the likes of many films that have come before it that will be forgotten with time.