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14 Aug 2020 01:46:00

Lock Up Movie Review: An Engaging Thriller

Vaibhav and Venkat Prabhu starrer Lock Up recently had a direct release on Zee5 and the thrilling elements in the film created enough curiosity on the film.
Anoop Sai Bandi

Updated: August 17, 2020 16:29 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

Lock Up Movie Story:

The movie starts off with the murder of a police officer and the suicide of a woman. A lady cop Ilavarasi (Easwari Rao) takes up the case. In the process of investigation, we come across two other police officers, Vasanth (Vaibhav ) and Murthy (Venkat Prabhu). How the lives of these cops got affected by this case forms the main crux of the story.

Lock Up Movie Performances:

Lock Up is an interesting whodunit thriller accompanied by fine performances. Vaibhav gave a sincere performance as the young police officer. Popular filmmaker Venkat Prabhu played the role of a police officer with hidden secrets under his hat. He stole the show with his expressions. Any regular actor would haven't brought the freshness to the character. Until now, we have seen Eeshwari Rao in some housewife roles. It is good to see her as a cop who investigates the case. Poorna is good in her brief role. Vaani Bhojan didn't have anything to offer in the movie.

Lock Up Movie Positives:

The film's non-linear screenplay is the major highlight of it. The interesting premise and the happenings keep us hooked to the film. The runtime of 1 hour 45 minutes is another positive aspect of the movie. The negatively shaded characters of Venkat Prabhu and Eeshwari Rao also brought a refreshing change into the film.

Lock Up is a perfect OTT content that can engage the viewers with its interesting proceedings and thrilling elements. There will not be any boring scenes and that is the big thing that helps the film to grab the attention of the viewers. Arrol Corelli's music is another asset of this movie.

Lock Up Movie Negatives:

There are a few illogical scenes in the movie which will question our intelligence. The makers seem to have taken a few creative liberties. They could have done better in the writing department. There are a few technical flaws as well. The lip-sync is not proper at a few places. That will distract us from having a good movie-watching experience. Vani Bhojan doesn't have anything new to offer. Her role seems to have got placed forcibly. The makers could have avoided her scenes to make the film a perfect thriller.

Lock Up Movie Verdict:

Director SG Charles chose a perfect story to make a whodunit thriller. Though the writing has a few flaws, it never breaks our attention from the plot proceedings. The roles of Eeshwari Rao and Venkat Prabhu will get remembered for sure. The cop thriller is always an interesting option to create suspense. That is well-done in this movie as well. On the whole, Lock Up is a perfect film to get watched during this lockdown.