Lootcase movie Review

Lootcase Movie Review

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Age: 13+

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Streaming Date: 31 Jul 2020

Duration: 02:12:00

Lootcase Movie Review: A chase that will make you laugh, and relate to.

Lootcase is a suitcase full of money, a common man’s problems, a cop, Minister, and mafia. All of them want money. But to who does it belong to and who’s the lucky one here?
Bhavana Sharma

Updated: August 10, 2020 08:32 IST

Rating : 4/5

Lootcase Story:

Nandan Kumar (Kunal Kemmu), already disappointed and depressed with his life, is walking out of a public toilet and a bag full of money falls in front of him. Sounds nice, no? Throughout his life, Nandan was never getting paid enough and just like any other man, decides to keep the money to himself as she doesn’t find anyone near the suitcase. Well, his wife Lata (Rasika Duggal) isn’t aware of all this.

The bag, and the money, belong to Minister Patil who has to deliver it to someone else. A group of men are involved in this and plans just go haywire when Inspector Kolte (Ranvir Shorey) enters the scene. The entire story takes turn and how Nanda Kumar manages to save himself forms the crux of the story.

Lootcase Performances:

If you are looking for a Bollywood film with some power-packed performances, then this film is for you. This film has a bunch of finesse actors who gave their best to their roles. Kunal’s performance never disappoints you and neither does Rasika. Their performances will make you believe that there is no best couple other than them. We all relate to them. Moreover, Rasika plays a sex-seeking wife who loves Chinese food. And of course, she is like every other frustrated homemaker who is worried about their financial situation. Gajraj Rao, Vijay Raaz, and Ranvir have also done their roles well. They perform beyond your expectation levels.

Lootcase Technicalities:

Director Rajesh Krishnan has done a brilliant job. He captured the essence of Mumbai well. Crowded streets, local trains, and all those things that bring in life to Mumbai are shown. The action scenes, especially the chasing ones, in those narrow lanes and streets with people living in chawls get all the limelight. This is Rajesh’s first film but he has earlier worked for ads and that has helped him a lot. Kudos to cinematographer Sanu John Varghese for capturing them well because not all times the crack you up, but sometimes situations do. Music and BGM by Rohan-Vinayak and Amar Mangrulkar are up to the mark.

Lootcase Verdict:

There have been many films which have been all about looting money, a suitcase and mafia behind it. But this one is different. It doesn’t have any nonsense that deviates you from the plot. It only raises your expectations and brings you to the edge of your seat. During these tough times, pandemic and a lot more, this film will make you laugh and provides you some refreshing black comedy which is rare in Bollywood. So don’t think too much, just be a part of the Lootcase and the chase.