LSD - LOVE Scandal and Doctors Movie

LSD - LOVE Scandal and Doctors

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18+ Hindi

05 Feb 2021 00:40:00

LSD - Love, Scandal and Doctors Review

In a first popular actor Rahul Dev stars in Alt Balaji and Zee5’s latest show LSD - Love, Scandal and Doctors that is all about a medical thriller.
Apoorv Shandilya

Updated: February 05, 2021 15:31 IST

Rating : 3/5

LSD - LOVE Scandal and Doctors Movie Synopsis:

Love, scandal and doctors treads on the fresh new territory of medical thriller that has never been explored in India before. The show’s cast includes the very charismatic Rahul Dev, Ishaan Khanna and Siddharth Menon in the lead roles. It will also feature Neha Hinge, Ashmita Jaggi, Ayush Shrivastava, Tanaya Sachdeva and Srishti Ganguli Rindani. Saqib Pandor has directed the show and Balaji Telefilms Pvt Ltd has produced it.

LSD - LOVE Scandal and Doctors Movie Storyline:

Love, Scandal and Doctors follows the story of five medical interns who find themselves entangled into a big scandal at their hospital. As the prime accused in a murder case, the interns must prove their innocence to retain their medical license. After all, are these five young students even capable of killing someone or are they a part of a larger crime taking place within the premises of the hospital?

LSD - LOVE Scandal and Doctors Movie Performances:

Actor Rahul Dev who plays one of the lead characters in Love, Scandal and Doctors easily steals the show as his commanding presence on the screen helps establish his character as both a scary one and dominating. Dev who plays the role of Dr. Rana in the film was last seen in Who’s your daddy. As the show delves into the themes of power, nepotism, Politics and competition it is the teeth biting story that keeps it all together for a show with a lot of nuance and intricate details.

LSD - LOVE Scandal and Doctors Movie Positives:

Love, scandal and doctors has its best parts when it treds on the fresh new territory that it has set for itself. As it is India’s first medical thriller show, many fans might easily forgive its shortcomings. This works surprisingly in the show’s favour and makes the story more compelling. Unlike previous indian medical shows, love, scandal and doctors proposes a more hostile hospital environment.

LSD - LOVE Scandal and Doctors Movie Negatives:

For all its nuance and praiseworthy performance, Love, Scandal and Doctors falls short when it comes to depicting an accurate look at the lives of doctors in india. The relationship between young interns and senior doctors within the hospital is made increasingly hostile just to please the show’s story and it comes off as abrupt in various parts of the show. Furthermore it doesn’t help that the current pandemic situation isn’t the best time to release a show that portrays doctors in the light of evil murderers.

LSD - LOVE Scandal and Doctors Movie Verdict:

If you are a doctor yourself you might want to skip this show entirely as it’s fictionalised version of an Indian hospital can sometimes be insulting and humiliating to the actual reality of what doctors in India do. However if you are just anyone else then Love, scandal and doctors might be worth a watch.