Paurashpur Movie


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12+ Hindi

29 Dec 2020 00:40:00

Paurashpur Web Series Review:

Paurashpur show with a promising script but fails to leave an impact.
Saumya Bansal

Updated: January 10, 2021 12:52 IST

Rating : 1/5

Paurashpur Web Series Storyline:

Paurashpur is the latest AltBalaji and Zee5 show, starring Annu Kapoor, Shilpa Shinde, Milind Soman in the lead roles. With such a promising cast and a well-created trailer, one's expectations were already high from the show. However, Paurashpur failed to make its mark when it comes to delivering content. Set in the 16th century, Paurashpur is the story of a fictional town and as its name suggests, the town is dominated by males. Not just this, the king of the town, Bhadra Pratap Singh played by Annu Kapoor, is shown as an over the top misogynistic character who harasses women, who in turn, later on, disappears from the kingdom. And who helps him in getting those women? His own queen Miravati, played by Shilpa Shinde who's job is to look after and satiate all the sexual needs of the king.

All other women in the town are shown as mere sexual objects who wear a lock on their private parts in the absence of their husbands. The ancient Indian practice of 'Sati', where a woman is forced to jump into the fire after her partner dies, is practiced in this town. Pumped enough? We'll suggest you contain the thrill and imagination as the plot doesn't turn out this well in the screenplay.

Paurashpur Web Series Episodes:

Paurashpur is a seven-episode series that gives an impression of a film that has been chopped off into small, roughly ended episodes. The show starts well with its character introduction and the way the story builds up, however, it leads you soon enough into boredom and sleep. Apart from the costumes, everything else feels like lazy work. The VFX and editing work doesn't give you any historical feels but looks more like a stage act.

The only thing managed well by the show is Milind Soman, who surprises us with his role of a transgender. His character named Boris is shown as intense and fierce who promises to fight against gender politics in the region.

Paurashpur Web Series Verdict:

The director Shachindra Vats tried his best to bring out a masterpiece on the small screen, and no matter how much they tried to copy Game Of Thrones, the show has fallen flat. Had it been a film, it would have been more engaging with the audience. The initial episodes feel boring and don't keep you on the hook to watch more. Overall, Paurashpur is all gold without glitters which has nothing to offer on the plate except some badly directly erotic scenes which would attract some young audience, but none will remember it otherwise.