Penguin movie Review

Penguin Movie Review

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Age: 18+

Language: Telugu Tamil

Genre: Drama Suspense

Streaming Date: 19 Jun 2020

Duration: 02:12:00

Penguin Movie Review: A thriller that ends on a disappointing note!

Keerthy Suresh's Penguin falls short of expectations with a routine plot and not an engaging screenplay but the actress performs to her best
Anoop Sai Bandi

Updated: August 10, 2020 10:53 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Penguin Story:

Rhythm (Keerthy Suresh) is pregnant with 7 months of baby. She gets troubled by a trauma that struck her when her son Ajay gets lost 6 years ago. Surprisingly, Ajay returns but behaves weirdly. Later, Rhythm comes to know that Ajay's kidnapper is stalking her and tries to protect him. In the process, she comes to know some truths which lead to the actual kidnapper. Who is the kidnapper? What is the motive behind the crime? What happens in the end? is the film's story

Penguin Performances:

Except for Keerthy Suresh, every other person in the movie is new to Telugu audiences. Keerthy Suresh played her part well but she could have behaved as a pregnant lady in a better way. In most of the scenes, she looks like a normal woman and walks, runs without any difficulty. Performance-wise, Keerthy has delivered her best. She is good in expressing sadness and tension. The other actors hardly make any impression.

Penguin Positives:

The introduction, the unveiling of the flash back and the sequence of events that the kidnapper follows are impressive. It sets the mood straight. The first half of the movie is so good. It is engaging and has a few spooky moments. The return of the son who got missing is a fresh point but then, the film fell flat in too many areas. Keerthy's performance is a huge plus point for the film. The thrilling elements in the first half will scare the audiences. The cinematography and the background score are also plus for the film. They elevated the film very well.

Penguin Negatives:

Some of the scenes in the first half of the movie are in a confused mode and they are not answered in the second half. At the same time, the main conflict gets opened only in the last few minutes and it looks routine and hardly engages. The set up that has been planned for the scene gets wasted. The logic-less scenes are a lot in the film which will make us lose the interest at the film. Although the direction is good, the narration of the film is weak. The film looks dragged in the second half. The story lacks freshness and the screenplay also looks boring.

Penguin Verdict:

Penguin is a film that has a scope to scare audiences with some good thrilling elements. Or, the film could have been an emotional tale of a mother. But, unfortunately, the film is not the both. It is a half-thriller and a half-boring ride. The film's plot lacks freshness because of which, there is no impact by the time the film ends. Although, the film started off with some promising elements, by the time it ended, it leaves us with disappointment because of routine conflict. However, Keerthy Suresh is a saving grace with her performance. The film could not impress!