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Shakuntala Devi

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31 Jul 2020 02:07:00

Shakuntala Devi Movie Review: A celebration of the indomitable spirit of one and only woman!

Vidya Balan's Shakuntala Devi movie is an amazing biopic that engages you with the best drama, and fills you with a positive, satisfying and a motivating emotion inside, after watching the film.
Anoop Sai Bandi

Updated: August 10, 2020 08:45 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

Shakuntala Devi Story:

Shakuntala Devi is the latest Hindi film that is out on Amazon Prime Video. The film is a biopic on the life of a world-famous mathematician, and the human-computer, Shakuntala Devi, from the eyes of her daughter Anupama Banerji. Vidya Balan played the titular role of the movie. Check out the review here.

Shakuntala Devi (Vidya Balan) who enjoys a expresses impeccable mathematical skills from her childhood. Observing the same, her father takes her on shows to display her mathematical skills and make money out of it. Shakuntala, later, lands in London and becomes a world-famous mathematician and also gets a tag, Human-Computer. The film depicts her journey through various stages of her life, in growing as an independent woman, displaying indomitable spirit.

Shakuntala Devi Performances:

Vidya Balan is a rockstar who is full of energy in the film. After Tumhari Sulu, she displayed a great amount of energy and enthusiasm in this film. Vidya has completely immersed in the role of Shakuntala Devi and captured her soul. From being a naughty, fun-loving, and ambitious girl to marrying her love life, and leaving him due to differences to trying to do things to witness a sparkle in her daughter's life, Vidya Balan, as Shakuntala Devi displays a variation in her performance. Although she displays different emotions, the spirit and determination with which she performs will make us look at Shakuntala Devi, herself, on the screen but not Vidya Balan. She breathed life into this character, well designed by director Anu Menon. Jisshu Sengupta is amazing too. As a sportive and no-nonsense husband, he looks perfect. Since Shakuntala's ex-husband is a Bengali, the makers made the right choice of picking a Bengali actor for the role, which is an appreciable move. Both Vidya Balan and Jisshu make an awesome pair on the screen. Sanya Malhotra is a revelation in the film. Her styling and her costumes are uber cool. She performs to the best of her capabilities. Sanya looks vulnerable and at the same time captivating with her performance. She's been a great performer in the film too. Prakash Belwadi, Amit Sadh, and the rest of the cast are good.

Shakuntala Devi Technical Aspects:

Keiko Nakahara's cinematography is awesome. The different locations of those times are captured nicely and presented it perfectly on the screen. Everyone looked charming, and Sanya especially looked amazing on the screen. Antara Lahiri's editing is amazing. Although the film appears to be a bit slow-paced, the amazingly written drama is the magic that keeps you engaged with the movie. The conversations, especially are so well written that they look simple yet aesthetic. The background score is very much, intact, with the flow and emotion of the film. The production design is wonderful. The styling is amazing. The production values are lavish.

Shakuntala Devi Verdict:

Shakuntala Devi is beyond anyone's imagination. Looking at her life, she is a superwoman. Breaking the stereotypes, she has become a woman who set no limitations. She always learned to be independent and lived one with a great spirit. There's a dialogue in the film that Jisshu says to Sanya that he learned a great lesson from his wife. "Life is too short to think about what others will think about us." is something that Shakuntala Devi truly believed and passed it on. She never bothered or cared about the feelings and opinions of others. She always loved maths and went to any extent for the same. Her life is a real inspiration to be one's self and not just lead a normal life when we can be amazing. Not often, we come across characters like Shakuntala Devi but she is one of its kind. She is rare and probably the only one for a century. Her abilities are beyond imagination and beyond science and so her principles and policies in life. She feels proud of her C-section mark and owns her daughter. She would do anything to see a sparkle in her daughter's eyes. She does not want someone to tell her that she doesn't need them because she never wanted to be dependent. She questions the patriarchy in her own way. There is a lot about Shakuntala Devi that director Anu Menon translated on to the screen. The writing is brilliant and the way the drama flew through it is simply marvelous. On a concluding note, Shakuntala Devi is a film to celebrate the indomitable spirit of a great Indian woman who inspires the generations. A must-watch film!