Skater Girl movie Review

Skater Girl Movie Review

Skater Girl watch online on Netflix

Age: 12+

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Streaming Date: 11 Jun 2021

Duration: 01:49:00


Skater Girl on Netflix: A heartwarming tale that just about hits the right notes

Netflix's latest feature film Skater Girl follows the life of a young village girl who finds freedom from the constraints of her life when she begins skateboarding.
Akanksha Sridhara

Updated: June 12, 2021 18:47 IST

Rating : 3/5

Skater Girl Review - Synopsis:

Inspired by the real-life stories of skateboarding becoming a popular sport in rural India. Directed by Manjarii Makijany, Skater Girl is a coming-of-age film set in a small village in Rajasthan, India. Prerna (Rachel Saanchita Gupta) is a young girl from a lower caste family who wishes to be free from all the woes that come with living in a poor lower caste family in rural India. Jessica (Amy Maghera) leaves London and arrives in Prerna's village. Jessica does not quite know what she wants to do in the village. Her sole purpose in staying in the village is to feel at home in her father's home town. Their two paths cross. Jessica and her friend introduce Prerna and the other kids of the village to the sport of skateboarding. How does the sport help Prerna finally break away from the shackles of her socioeconomic status and how the sport affects the village dynamics is central to the film.

Skater Girl Review - Analysis:

The title and the poster of the film might suggest that the film is about a small-town girl who becomes a huge skateboarding star. While that would have been a good film, Skater Girl is much more. The feel good film follows the journey of Prerna who finally breaks through the shackles of caste, gender norms and the "way of life" towards a journey of self-discovery. The film builds two world views. Firstly, the progressives, trying to give the kids of the village a chance to explore themselves. Secondly, the archaic but omnipresent system of caste and the older generation that seeks to maintain it. Prerna is at the heart of the conflict between the two. Her story will make you cry one minute and laugh the other. One minute the film showcases the joy that Prerna feels when she gets on the skateboard. The very next minute, we see the hardship she faces because of her gender and caste everywhere she goes.

While the concept of the film is heartwarming and emotional, the nonchalant execution robs of the heights the film could have achieved. The film perfectly captures the intricacies of gender dynamics but waters down issues of caste. In the sense that after you've cried your heart out after the film ends, you will still feel like there could have been more.
Skater Girl does however manage to stay clear of the white savior narrative. In the beginning, it seems like it is one of those same old films wherein a white person liberates and saves the other. The film manages to keep to the core of the film, that is, the protagonist Prerna. At the end of the day, the film is all about her quest and journey.
Skater Girl is definitely worth a watch for its excellent story, cinematography and performances. One of the best things about the film is its seemingly simple cinematography. The film draws the audience into the world of the small village in modernizing rural India. The overall production design is great as well. Shooting on location gives the real feel of a village. A special mention to the costume designers for those colourful clothes that can speak for themselves. The performance of the cast elevates the film as well. The main leads Rachel Saanchita Gupta and Rachel Saanchita Gupta deliver a performance that is on point. The chemistry between the two is awe-inspiring. The rest of the supporting cast does a great job of creating the atmosphere of the village. Shafin Patel, the young actor who plays Prerna's younger brother deserves a mountain of praise for its witty and fearless performance.

Skater Girl Review - Verdict:

A little more brain storming at the writers' table could have given this feel good film depth. However, it is a great film to watch at the end of the day and completely worth your time.