The Girl on the Train Movie

The Girl on the Train

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26 Feb 2021 01:52:00

The Girl on The Train Movie Review

In filmmaker Ribhu Dasgupta’s readaptation of the Hollywood film Parineeti Chopra shines in the second half of an otherwise slow film.
Apoorv Shandilya

Updated: February 26, 2021 18:57 IST

Rating : 3/5

The Girl on the Train Synopsis:

The Girl on The Train is directed by Ribhu Dasgupta and stars Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari and Kirti Kulhari in the lead role. The film is a Hindi remake of the 2016 film by the same name that starred Emily blunt. Both the films are based on writer Paula Hawkins’s best selling novel, The Girl on The Train.

The Girl on the Train Story:

The film follows the story of Mira who is a law student living in London and stuck in her second marriage. Mira who is now an alcoholic suffering from a rare form of amnesia is reminiscent of her first marriage and child who she lost in a freak car accident. Unfortunately the same accident rendered her completely unstable and stuck in a monotonous routine. Every morning as Mira travels through the subway systems in London, she watches over Nusrat and Anand who are a stationary couple that seem perfect in the eyes of Mira. Mira’s life takes a turn for the worse when Nusrat goes missing and Mira becomes the prime suspect.

The Girl on the Train Performances:

The film’s lead actress Parineeti Chopra’s performance in The Girl on The Train can be best described as directionless. While there are certain parts to mira’s character that are portrayed superbly well by Parineeti, most of the maniac like tendencies seem missing. Early on in the film when Mira is seen grieving for her dead husband and child, Parineeti’s performance seems unclear to what the actress wanted to explore with the character. Parineeti looks sharp in the few action set pieces within the film but those are too far and few in between. To give credit where it is due, Nusrat who is played by Aditi Rao Hydari provides a glimpse into the thrilling story behind it all. Aditi portrays the mysterious side of her character superbly well which is only made worse by the fact that she does not have as much screen time as Parineeti herself.

The Girl on the Train Positives:

Towards the second half of the film, The Girl on the Train finally gets over the grieving side of Parineeti’s character and tells a story that is full of suspense. At every turn the audience is left surprised and shocked at each new revelation and it can keep any viewer grounded to their screens. Nusrat played by Aditi and Kirti’s characters also help a great deal in making the audience believe that everything they are watching is true to life and indeed the scary ordeal of one person. Parineeti’s dazed character also gives a fine glimpse into the issues of alcoholism within the film.

The Girl on the Train Negatives:

Ribhu Dasgupta’s choice of shooting the film in London seems like a missed opportunity. It is as if the film could have very well taken some creative liberty and changed the setting to India to tell the same story as it never uses its setting to good effect. Dasgupta also seems to be directionless as it can be seen throughout the first half of the film which can be excruciatingly slow for some viewers. With a run time of just over two hours The Girl on The Train relies far too much on the appeal of its actor to attract its audience.

The Girl on the Train Verdict:

Despite its issues The Girl on The Train is still worth a watch simply because of its cast and story. The film pays great attention at keeping its story close to the original novel and in doing so does land all its shocks and reveals.