The Great Indian Kitchen Movie

The Great Indian Kitchen

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12+ Malayalam

11 Apr 2021 01:40:00

The Great Indian Kitchen Review: This film is made to bring the much-needed change in the society

Starring Nimisha Sajayan and Suraj in lead roles, The Great Indian Kitchen movie is directed by Jeo Baby.
Bhavana Sharma

Updated: April 12, 2021 19:03 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

The Great Indian Kitchen Synopsis:

The Great Indian Kitchen…. This film, when released on a Malayalam OTT, has gone viral as audiences were showering some great reviews. The film is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and surprisingly, actors from other industries are all praise for this flick which is nothing less than a slap on the faces of the patriarchal society. Well, here is the review.

The Great Indian Kitchen Story:

A newly wedded couple is looking forward to having a happy days ahead. The day of the wife (Nimisha Bindu) starts in the kitchen and ends in the kitchen. Throughout the entire movie, you see her doing nothing but cooking and performing the household chores. Her husband (Suraj Venjaramood) works as a teacher at school and her mother-in-law flies to the US for the delivery of he daughter. Meanwhile, the wife is on a job hunt and when she decides to apply, her father-in-law, the man of the house says no to her. A lot keep adding to this with each passing day and she realises that her husband doesn’t even have any feelings towards her. Slowly, the wife realises that this place is not for her and it is high time for her to react. Well, how she reacts to it is the actual beauty.

The Great Indian Kitchen Review:

Like we already said, this film is a slap on the patriarchal society. This film talks about what is wrong with our society. It also points out fingers at the men and women, who are stuck at some parts of the life and refuse to move on from there. For ages now, it has been told to us that women should do nothing but cook, make children, take care of them, and of everyone in the house without expecting even some respect in return. Their life begins in the kitchen and ends there. They can’t be aspirational or shouldn’t to do anything beyond what other women have been doing. Nimisha and Suraj have done such a great job and we are falling short of words to praise them. Both the actors, and their natural performances have won our hearts. Director of the film is Jeo Baby and this man has become a topic all over the country now for the beautiful film he has made.

The Great Indian Kitchen Verdict:

Do not watch this film just because it is trending on the internet. Watch his film for a change and get ready to be the change.