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23 Jan 2021 00:31:00

Zee5's Jeet Ki Zid Web Series Review

Amit Sadh steals the show in Zee5’s latest show Jeet Ki Zid as he plays the role of a former indian army major and his journey of overcoming various obstacles.
Apoorv Shandilya

Updated: January 24, 2021 19:11 IST

Rating : 3/5

Jeet Ki Zid Web Series Synopsis:

Inspired by the real life story of former Indian Army Major Deependra Singh Sengar Jeet Ki Zid is the latest show premiering exclusively on Zee5. It tells the story of Deependra Singh Sengar who was deemed unfit for active duty after he suffered a major injury while on duty. Amit Sadh is in the lead and portrays the brave and courageous major as he overcomes all the trials and tribulations.

Jeet Ki Zid Web Series Review:

Jeet Ki Zid’s best part is in its central lead. The show makers made an excellent decision in picking Amit Sadh to play the role of the indian army major. Not only does Sadh look the part that an army man should, but he also portrays the anguish that Deependra Singh Sengar had to face. Sadh clearly gave his all for the performance. However things around him in the show like the script and music fall short. This feels particularly worse in parts where Sadh is giving his all but the script fails him.

Jeet Ki Zid Web Series Positives:

When Amit Sadh feels the pain of the injury the audience can feel it with him. His mental and physical anguish is visible on the screen and it helps ground the character with the viewers. If that wasn’t enough many of the supporting actors do a good job at portraying what life looked like around him. However the writing by Sidddharth Mishra fails to provide any such nuance.

Jeet Ki Zid Web Series Negatives:

The show’s story feels both problematic and overly concerned at filling gaps instead of telling the tale of a real soldier, it tells the tale of a revenge seeking man. Amit Sadh’s character in parts seems to be a true patriot, and in others cares only about his own personal vendetta against another man. This confuses the audience and takes immersion away when Sadh is seen sobbing in his wheelchair later in the show.

Jeet Ki Zid Web Series Verdict:

If you are a fan of Amit Sadh’s previous acting roles, Jeet Ki Zid will make you fall in love with him. Sadh truly takes the role to his heart and shines in every little bit of the merit that the show has. This allows the show to run away with many of its issues. But for once this show can be watched purely for the role played by Amit Sadh alone.