24Kisses Movie Review

24Kisses Movie Review

Certificate: A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 23 Nov 2018

Runtime: 02:23:00


24Kisses Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: November 23, 2018 16:21 IST

Rating : 1/5

24Kisses Story

24 kisses story-The tale of passion between a socially enlightened film maker(Adith Arun) and a film making student(Hebah Patel) that begins at a film making workshop where the duo encounter each other for the first time. All's well until it comes down to commitment.The journey is a bumpy one thereafter.
Anand meets Sri Lakshmi and they both feel a rapport, a romantic and an exciting one at that. The girl bases her relationship with the guy on 24 kisses, the emblem of a solid relationship, she would imagine. But Anand's rebellion and unwillingness to commit are seemingly the hitch here. 

24Kisses Analysis

Director begin with an award winning film followed by five years of shows that went amiss, this film is a bit of a setback. He deals with an affair that springs from a 24 kisses theory. The heroine believes that 24 kisses are a prerequisite to build a relationship with a rock solid foundation. If only the plot didn't have to linger around multiple sub plots like social activism, psychiatry and film making, the director could have done justice to the storyline. This movie had a lot in common with his own life, meaning that the movie contained a lot of references to the director's autobiography. Although his movies received a lot of accolades, they never managed to bring the profits. He gets a lot of suggestions to do projects with plausible and commercial returns, but he's not ready to give in.  

However, the director has dealt with a very tenuous matter, the physical needs in a relationship with flair. Anand and the shrink share a like sense of humor but that turns mundane too.

24Kisses Bottom Line

The need for the 24 kisses is accentuated and hence turns stale. Hopeless writing with too many unresolved conflicts in the plot. Hebah Patel and Ramesh Rao get profound roles to play but lack good construction of the characters. Needless to say, 24 kisses has too many unnecessary plots amthat are left unjustified.