Action Tamil Movie Movie Review


Action Tamil Movie Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Tamil

Genre: Action Drama

Release Date: 15 Nov 2019

Runtime: 02:38:00

Action Tamil Movie Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Aishwarya Lekshmi


  2. Yogi Babu


  3. Kabir Duhan Singh


  4. Hiphop Tamizha

    Music Director

  5. Tamannaah

    Lead Actress

  6. Sundar C.


  7. Vishal

    Lead Actor

  8. Srinivas Adepu



Action Movie Review

Action Movie Review
Action Movie Review: Vishal and Tamannaah go big on the stunts
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: November 15, 2019 19:03 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Action Tamil Movie Movie Story:

Subhash (Vishal) is a high profile army officer and he is also the son of a popular chief minister. His father, in a planned way, announces Subhash's brother as the successor. Meanwhile, someone is plotting the murder of Subhash's family and executes it with a bomb blast.
In the untoward incident, most of Subhash's family gets killed. As he investigates the issue, he learns that a dreaded international terrorist is behind this incident. Subhash wants to avenge his family's death and also save his country.

Action Tamil Movie Movie Performance:

Vishal is a proven action hero and he does it with every film of his. When Sundar C's high-octane action film comes to him, it is like a cakewalk as he can ace this role even in his sleep.
Tamannaah taking on the action role is a pleasant surprise to the audience. She has performed well expressions-wise and has also proved that she can do action roles well with much ease.
Experienced actor Sayaji Shinde has a pivotal role to play in Action and with his matured performance, he has pulled off the role with much ease. In fact, it is his performance that holds the story together.
Akanksha Puri has made a solid debut with Action. It is commendable to see her take a negative role right in her debut film without worrying about being typecast.

Action Tamil Movie Movie Positives:

Director Sundar C is well known for his comedy capers that follow a similar template. For the first time, he has taken up a full-on action film and has given his all to the film.
His hard work is visible in every scene as the production value, the setting and the performances of the lead cast speak volumes about Action and the vision the director had for the film.
Since it is a full-blown action film, Sundar C had paid extra details to the action sequences, which were mind-blowing to watch on screen. Vishal and Tamannaah doing their own stunts added authenticity to the project.
The first half of the film was set up in a beautiful way as the tension slowly builds up. This is where director Sundar C's experience comes into play.

Action Tamil Movie Movie Negatives:

The movie builds up in a positive and strong manner, however, it all fizzles out when the film approaches the climax. The film gets predictable and logic goes haywire.
Also, sometimes the stunt sequences are too hard to believe. They are exaggerated so much that you start laughing watching the film instead of applauding at the stunt they pulled off.

Action Tamil Movie Movie Verdict:

Vishal's Action is a proper commercial action entertainer which is high on stunt sequences. If only Sundar C had concentrated more on the complexity of the story, the film would have been a lot better.