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07 Nov 2018 01:50:00

Adhugo Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: November 07, 2018 16:42 IST

Rating : 1/5

Adhugo Story

Telugu cinema is in quite an experimental phase. Like never before we are accepting and loving films that have interesting and hatke concepts. And it is for that reason a film like Adhugo could have done wonders at the BO, except it’s a film that wants to be a lot but ends up being a lot less.
At the outset Adhugo is an animation film that hasn’t even got a long duration as it runs at quite a short (in Telugu film standards) length of 1 hour 50 minutes. But despite the short duration, the film comes off as such a sleaze fest, that you are cringing by the time you leave the cine hall.
What’s this film about one might wonder, especially with a cute little piglet in focus. Director Ravi Babu has used the animatronics technology to bring to life a piglet called Bunty. The cutest element in the film is definitely the piglet that the actor/director brought to Hyderabad all the way from abroad. In focus is this little animal that is of great interest because it is seemingly special because one, a group is eyeing Bunty to get him to participate in this very fancy pig race (What!) and secondly, a gang is on the lookout because the piglet has swallowed a very valuable micro SD card! And that premise might sound extremely interesting except reality strikes us.
Ravi Babu could have kept the narrative simple but he decides to add a level of crassness to the film and makes a probably comedy film into a sleaze fest because of the weird humour that surely can’t go well for the regular audiences. After all, who wants to see a piglet poop on someone’s face, even if it is the villain.
But it’s not just the element of cringe that’s a turn off. The film majorly suffers from horrible VFX. One can understand that the budget was limited and it’s not easy to get the best in those resources. But that’s the deal, if you cannot make the best of what you have, why even flaunt it? Since the start, Adhugo was promoted as a film being made using the animatronics technology and that’s why it is a matter of disappointment that it wasn’t given its best shot.
But let’s say we forgive the VFX and cringeworthy sequences that absolutely don’t work, one might assume that the story or even the performances must have made up for it, giving us something to look forward to. But that’s another farce. The film’s writing is so bad that it comes across as half cooked and undone. Ravi Babu of yore gave us some amazing films that we can call the pride of our industry. He is known for his low budget films that reply solely upon the value of the narrative, forming a bond with the audience. However, that isn’t the case for this film because if the writing comes across as lousy and even amateurish at times, it is the actors that disappoint you further.
It is a right time to rope in lot of new actors into films. But new faces can add value only if there is some real talent in there. Ravi Babu ropes in several characters to keep the narrative going but it’s sad that the lack of depth in the characters leaves you disconnected with all the new faces on the screen.
To lay it on the line, Adhugo is an experiment that we appreciate on paper. Because the screen has left nothing but disappointment.
Bottomline: Adhugo is a senseless comedy drama that tests your patience. Watching this movie on the festive occasion of Diwali may not be a good idea.