Angrezi Medium Movie Review

Angrezi Medium Movie Review


Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama Comedy

Release Date: 01 Jan 1970

Runtime: 00:00:00


Angrezi Medium Movie Review

Angrezi medium proves to be contrastingly 'Desi'. Irrfan and Radhika's bond sets new standards for Indian Parents.
Mohana Sravya Rayaprolu

Updated: March 13, 2020 18:14 IST

Rating : 3/5

Angrezi Medium Movie Story:

Angrezi Medium (2020) is a spin-off for ‘Hindi Medium’.The story narrative primarily revolves around a single father, Champak Bansal and his 18-year old daughter, Tarika Bansal. Champak owns a sweet shop in Udaipur and is immensely passionate about it while meeting all the needs and wants of his only daughter. His daughter is just finishing school and excelling in her examinations for admission to a well-reputed university in the United Kingdom, to go abroad and explore the world. The father-daughter maintains a really close relationship and is seen going through life together. However, they reach a crossroad where Champak’s personality and intervention in his daughter’s life becomes an issue for her personal freedom. Both of them put one another through a lot and go through their own paths as well. The story spreads over summer before university and brings forward the reality of children growing up in front of their parents. It raises the dialogue for meeting the needs of an aging parent while achieving one’s dreams.

Angrezi Medium Movie Performances:

The film is packed with an ensemble cast and all the actors fit effortlessly in their roles. Irrfan Khan’s performance is no-wonder perfect. Despite a break, he delivered to all the expectations, although the simplicity of the storyline weighed down his complex emotional outreach. Radhika Madan plays a fist front role of a teenager going through changes and unfolding her life, individually. She met the needs of her character while giving it a whole personal experience. Deepak Dobriyal and Irrfan’s relationship carries out the comic aspect of the film. Kareena and Dimple’s storyline has really little screen time although it holds huge significance for the storyline. The writers have done an amazing job with relatable dialogues. The script, however, was very repetitive and cuts down the film’s delivery as far as the content weight goes. It is a rather simple script, overworked on, with multiple writers. As per direction and screenplay, the movie maintains the grip over the audience with humor despite an overdone emotional doze.

Angrezi Medium Movie Positives:

The film details interpersonal relationships very beautifully and brings out the complex emotions one feels on a daily basis. While maintaining a comic grip, the film opens to a lot of twists in the form of mishaps people face. The film has a promising explanation for its vision and that gets the audience thinking. The movie is relatable for most of the sections of our society.

Angrezi Medium Movie Negatives:

The film has a lot of empty endings. Most of the characterization loses its meaning towards the end because it is based on compromise. This makes the film a rather unrealistic one and an overly emotional one too. The happenings in the story also are highly out of proportion from reality, and yet are drawn down to a local setting or emotion.

Angrezi Medium Movie Verdict:

Definitely a worthwhile watch, and an emotional ride. Adding to that, the film tends to get a little heavy on the audience because it revolves around the parental sentiment. While the story did justice to both the protagonists, Irrfan’s storyline picks up the dominant emotion. However, this didn’t get in the way of keeping a broad perspective in check. The Angrezi factor is to tie it down to the Indian culture and that was not it’s the strongest point.