Ayogya Movie Review


Ayogya Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Tamil

Genre: Action Drama

Release Date: 10 May 2019

Runtime: 02:30:00

Ayogya Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Sam C. S

    Music Director

  2. RJ Balaji


  3. Raashi Khanna (aka Rashi Khanna)

    Lead Actress

  4. Sunny Leone


  5. Vamsi Krishna


  6. Shraddha Das


  7. Venkat Mohan


  8. Madhu B


  9. Parthiban


  10. K.S. Ravikumar


  11. Sachu


  12. Pooja Devariya


  13. Sonia Agarwal


  14. Ruben


  15. Gautham Karthik


  16. Vishal

    Lead Actor


Ayogya Review: Vishal’s film is more relevant than ever

Ayogya Review: Vishal’s film is more relevant than ever
Xappie Desk

Updated: May 11, 2019 17:04 IST

Rating : 3/5

Ayogya Movie Story:

Karnan (played by Vishal) is an unapologetic corrupt cop who gets transferred from Tuticorin to Chennai. He is insane and would go to any extent for money. He gets transferred because of Kalirajan (played by Parthiepan) who plays a drug lord.

After coming to Chennai, Karnan lets Kalirajan’s brothers free only to find that they have committed an unforgivable crime to a woman. Karnan undergoes a transformation and fights for the woman. He takes a noble cause in his hand and gets the deserved punishment for the criminals.

Ayogya Movie Performances:

Even though the Tamil audiences have seen Vishal in a serious as well as funny roles, he’s extra animated in this film which has worked to his favour. Sometimes we are reminded of Jr NTR who played the lead role in the original.

Parthiepan and negative roles go hand in and hand and this role as a drug lord is a cakewalk for him. He brings his one of a kind humour to the script which works well.

Raashi Khanna, who reprised Kajal Aggarwal’s role has done a commendable job in Ayogya. Her expressions are perfect for the heroine role.

Pooja Devariya has given a splendid performance and it makes us think why she doesn’t appear in many movies as she should.

Ayogya Movie Positives:

Remaking a commercial Telugu movie in Tamil is not an easy task. However, Ayogya seems to be a scene by scene remake with minor changes to suit the Tamil audience.

Director Venkat Mohan has scripted the film so carefully that it is not too boring for those who caught up with the Telugu version of the film.

The climax of Ayogya is different from that of Temper and the unexpected climax is the highlight of this remake. It puts forth relevant points that are required for society, especially now.

Director Venkat Mohan should be lauded for putting forth important points about rape and women safety at this time because of the number of crimes that are being reported now.

Ayogya Movie Negatives:

For those who have seen Temper, Ayogya will be a disappointment. Except for the climax, the major part of the film including the dialogues is lifted off from the Telugu version.

Sometimes, Vishal gets too animated and his expressions are over the top which makes him look less of a hero.

The songs and music in Ayogya don’t do its job well. It’s quite jarring and has been lifted off from other Telugu movies as well.

Ayogya Verdict:

Vishal’s fans and those who haven’t seen Temper could catch Ayogya in theatres as it has all the elements to entertain you in the first half and make you emotional in the second half.