BurraKatha Movie Review


BurraKatha Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 05 Jul 2019

Runtime: 02:07:00

BurraKatha Movie Cast & Crew


BurraKatha Movie Review

BurraKatha Movie Review
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: July 06, 2019 13:03 IST

Rating : 1.5/5

BurraKatha Movie Summary:

Aadi is going through a rough patch in his career. None of his last films were refreshing and were outright flops at the box-office. He has now collaborated with writer Diamond Ratnababu who is making his directorial debut.

Coming to Story Abhiram (Aadi) is a unique person who is born with two brains. One brain is Abhi who is full on mass and the second brain is Ram who is decent and sophisticated. Abhi and Ram switch sides when there is a loud noise. Abhi loves Happy and so Happy. But Abhi's problem complicates his love life. The film is all about how Abhiram deals with it and how he wins his love.

BurraKatha Movie Performances:

Aadi has done a neat job in portraying this complex role. He had to showcase two different variations and Aadi nailed it as Abhi and Ram. Compared to the previous movie he was able to emote well in emotional scenes. On a whole Aadi has shown good sign of improvement in his acting.

The female lead, Mishti Chakrborthy added the much-needed glamour to the movie and is impressive in her role. Mishti’s chemistry with Aadi is good. The other heroine, Nyra Shah did not get much screen presence but she did her role to the best of her abilities.

Rajendra Prasad was at his usual best, he did a good job as Aadi’s father. His dialogues have been written well and the veteran actor did the best job among all the cast.

Other casts Posani, Chandra, and Prudhvi evoked a few laughs here and there.

BurraKatha Movie Positives:

Casting and Performances

Few comedy scenes here and there.


Almost everything about the movie is bad

BurraKatha Movie Negatives:

In Tollywood, we have seen many writers who have turned into directors in the past. Coming to director Diamond Ratnababu he will be remembered for one of the worst directorial debuts. He literally failed in every aspect. Starting from script to its execution and making, Ratnababu has shown a disappointing show.

Music is also not up to the mark. Surprisingly, Sai Karthik has given a B grade album. Cinematography is poor and hopeless, Weird positioning of camera angles makes this work more silly. Dialogues are filled with sexist and misogynistic comments.

BurraKatha Movie Verdict:

On the whole, Burra Katha is a hopeless film with poor writing and execution. Though the movie has an interesting concept the narration was no up to the mark. Even though the comedy generated does not have much connection with the story, it creates some good laughs here and there. Except this, the film has nothing much to look forward to. If you are still interested to watch the movie, keep your brains at home and go to theatres. We rather advise you to give it a miss.