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05 Oct 2019 02:27:00

Chanakya Movie Review

Review: Chanakya is a mediocre RAW officer’s story which is pretty flat. Gopichand’s film is neither entertaining nor engaging.
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: October 05, 2019 16:50 IST

Rating : 2/5

Chanakya Movie Review:

Talented actor Gopichand who is struggling to score a hit, came up with the new movie Chanakya. Thiru is the director of the film. Anil Sunkara produced the movie under the AK Entertainments banner. Read on to understand the strong and weaker aspects of the film.
Chanakya movie's trailer already hinted to us that the film is going to be a thriller with the lead protagonist Gopichand playing an undercover RAW agent. Since these kinds of movies are common in Bollywood, one can predict what happens in the film by watching the trailer. But the USP of the movie lied in the execution. Although the plot is predictable, the director made sure that he told the story in an engaging and gripping manner.
The film's story is all about an undercover RAW agent Arjun (Gopichand), aka T. Rama Krishna. He puts himself on a mission to rescue his colleagues captured by ISI terrorist group main head Qureshi and his son Sohail (Sudhanshu Pandey), who operates from Karachi. The routine challenges that Arjun faces rescuing his colleagues and how did he overcome all them to do success in his mission that he named, 'Chanakya' is the film all about.
The film starts with an exciting sequence of Arjun capturing a terrorist along with his colleagues. The perfect choreography and execution of the action sequence assure us that the movie's quality is excellent. Since it is a thrilling drama against a backdrop of terrorism. One usually expects it to be tighter, but the makers of Chanakya toned down the level of intensity in the screenplay by taking things slow. They created a love track and introduced the heroine Aishwarya (Mehreen). To show what goes into the life of the undercover agent when he is off duty, the director consumed a lot of duration by creating some routine scenes which offered nothing new to an average commercial moviegoer.
After watching a good action sequence at the beginning of the movie, the audience craves to view more of that kind, but unfortunately, one has to wait till the interval point for another action episode. Overall the first half of the movie is pretty flat and predictable.
The second half has got few complaints as the director goes straight into unfolding the several layers of the plot, and unveiling the twists in the film's story. The screenplay of the second half is far better than the first half. The so-called love track that comes in the first half is for selected audiences. Although it disturbs the flow of the film, the director made a smart move by not revealing too much in the first half. But, he planned the second half in a way that there is a proper story that fits the remaining duration. Without bringing in the unnecessary drama, the director only focused on thrilling the audiences with the rescue operation. But the writing part is very poor as the film failed to engage the audience.
Gopichand fits perfect for the lead character, and he has given nothing but the best. His aggression is exceptional in action sequences. Mehrene Kaur is the glamour addition of the project. She is at her usual best and tried to fulfill the requirements of her character in the script. What's surprising is the performance of Zarine Khan. The dubbing for her role added more glamour to her character, which is very crucial for the entire film, especially the second half. Apart from them, Nasser takes up the most screen-time, and he is good in his character. Sunil also tried his best to evoke some laughs along with Gopichand, and Ali did the same too. But the comedy part didn’t work as it looked forced and silly at times. Raja Chembolu, Adarsh Balakrishna, Jaya Prakash, and others made their presence felt. Sudhanshu Pandey is the regular villain who does everything that others do!
Technically, the film is good. The makers spent money properly and maintained high production values. By shooting the movie in different non-regular locations, the makers tried to add a lot of freshness in presenting the film. The production design is impressive. The songs are ok and the background score is good. The dialogues by Abburi Ravi are decent.
Bearable part of the film is the second half. The screenplay of the second half is better and the weaker aspects of the film is the first half, especially the love and comedy track. Although the makers can not avoid it because of targeting it at specific classes of the audiences, the makers could have trimmed a part of it to make it more engaging.

Chanakya Movie Verdict and Analysis:

Chanakya is a mediocre Raw officer’s story which is pretty flat. High budget spent on a Gopichand movie for absolutely nothing. Expect for few exotic locales and action sequences the whole lot spent on a movie which has no apt storyline or plot nor fulfils the action part as it overdosed and logic-less. On the whole, Chanakya is another disappointing film for Gopichand.