Climax Movie Review

Climax Movie Review


Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama Comedy

Release Date: 27 Feb 2021

Runtime: 01:20:00


Climax Review: Falls short of expectations

Climax is the new Telugu movie in theatres where senior actor Rajendra Prasad played a key role in the film, sporting a different getup.
Yagna Namburi

Updated: March 05, 2021 17:38 IST

Rating : 2/5

Climax Review:

Climax is the new Telugu movie in theatres. The key character of the film, played by Rajendra Prasad is named after PM Modi, and it caught the attention of everyone. The film's promotional material already created a special interest in the film.

Vijay Modi (Rajendra Prasad) is a big opportunist who will take any path in his life for growth ahead. He does not give respect to others and their feelings. He is also a close aid to a Minister. He emerges as a big industrialist with the help of loans he takes from banks. To gain popularity and attention in public, he also does TV shows and produces films. At one point in time, he hits debts. All of a sudden, he gets murdered and it opens a lot of doubts. The film's story has a lot of twists and turns that will keep us guessing the scenes.
The film later unfolds into an investigative drama, exploring his connection with the Minister. The film also runs through the threads that the CID investigating team opens up. The screenplay is impressive with interesting twists. Director Bhavani Shankar neatly blended the comedy and thriller elements. The film starts off on an unimpressive note but it picks pace in the second half. The pre-climax and climax tracks are impressive too. 
Versatile actor Rajendra Prasad played Vijay Modi in the film. From his performance to his looks, everything is catching the attention. Rajendra Prasad has brought his experience in playing a character like this to impress one and all. His getup is so good and the stylist must be appreciated for the same. The actor who played Nagaraju character is good. Sri Reddy played her real-life character in the film. Her screen time is very limited but she has done her best, in her limitations. She got a chance to prove herself as a successful actor. Sasha Singh, Prudhvi, Sivashankar Master and others are good in their roles.
Technically, the film is good. Rajesh Nidwana's re-recording is impressive. Ravi Kumar's camera work is an additional asset for the film. Paidireddy's editing is okay. The production values are good.
The film's first half is slow and the actual story begins only in the last half-an-hour of the first half. The first half runs on a boring note with slow screenplay. There are some elements that add a lot of value to the film's viewing experience. The makers did work on those elements that will impress the audiences. There is comedy, thrilling elements and suspense elements that will keep the audiences hooked.

Climax Verdict:

On the whole, the film falls short of expectations and is good in parts.