C/o Kancharapalem Movie Review

C/o Kancharapalem Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 07 Sep 2018

Runtime: 02:31:00


C/O Kancharapalem Movie Review - A soulful movie that resonates with you for years to come

Xappie Desk

Updated: October 05, 2018 00:05 IST

Rating : 4/5

C/o Kancharapalem Story

When was the last time, you felt like you watched a few real and relatable people (perhaps, who look like us or our neighbors) on a 70 mm screen with eclectic of emotions, freckles, flaws and blemishes, just like majority of us. When was the last time the characters of the film, their lexicon and etiquettes got hitched in your memory and came back to in all your thoughts? When was the last time, you wiped your tears post the film, stood up and applauded the maker and the actors (read again, actors not stars)? When was the last time you enjoyed the mise-en-scene of the screenplay and locale (not London Eye or Swiss alps but honest-to-goodness places in a small town)? One can get a whiff of all the aforementioned experiences in just 150 mins for Rs.150, all thanks to Venkatesh Maha’s brainchild, C/O Kancherapalem, a film that contests the customary cinematic formula and creates a verite of its own, leaving our heart feel warm with love. Post the raw and organic unfolding of the narration comes the stories of four people- Raju, Sundaram, Joseph, Gaddem and the love of their lives Radha, Sunitha, Bhargavi, Saleema respectively. Raju is a simpleton government employee (attender) is 49 and unmarried. Just like how Salman Khan gets ‘When will you get married?’ question posed by the whole nation, Raju gets quizzed by his village. This forthright and diligent man befriends a newly transferred officer, Radha from Orrisa. She is a widow with a 20-year old daughter, a diabetic patient and a principled person, who doesn’t believe in classism in the office premises. Joseph, a young and wild soul working for a local goon called Ammoru encounters a Brahmin girl, Bhargavi, a fierce and fiery girl, who is unabashed in stopping the goons from beating up a man on the road, uninhibited in intrepidly arguing with Ammoru about her decisions and challenging the orthodox conditioning around her. Sundaram, son of a hardworking and skilled sculptor with a stammering issue is infatuated to his classmate Sunitha, a girl from a household that doesn’t let her enjoy the song she loves. Gaddem, a liquor store worker is madly in love with Saleema, a girl who is always masked with a scarf and is a regular at his shop. The soul of the story is about how these characters fall in and out of love, find their calling, and defy the society’s downtrodden, irrational set of rules and how they unbox their destiny forms the crux of the story. Venkatesh Maha strived on giving the audience a journey of experience and he passed with flying colours. The pinnacle point of the movie will leave you baffled, moist eyed and you will find yourself involuntarily clapping to creative ingenuity of the maker. Breaking stereotypes with a hammer, bringing an understanding about the fallacies co-existing with us, the story and the real people (not actors) resonate strongly with us at multiple levels. If you thought, the poster and trailer was quite arresting, then wait till the movie takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride at various gradations. This technically sound film might not spoon feed you what the usual movies do but it offers a lot on your plate, satiates your hunger for content-driven, realistic cinema!

C/o Kancharapalem Bottom Line

There is love for everyone and in everyone, respective of age, class and religion. A body with flesh and blood and active cells will have the tendency to fall in love. No barrier is a barrier in love.