Dabangg 3 Movie Review


Dabangg 3 Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Hindi

Genre: Action Thriller Romance

Release Date: 20 Dec 2019

Runtime: 02:42:00

Dabangg 3 Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Salman Khan

    Lead Actor

  2. Salman Khan


  3. Arbaaz Khan


  4. Arbaaz Khan


  5. Sonakshi Sinha

    Lead Actress

  6. Prabhu Deva


  7. Pankaj Tripathi


  8. Kiccha Sudeep



Dabangg 3 Movie Review

Dabangg 3 Movie Review
Dabangg 3 Movie Review: Salman Khan shines as Chulbul Pandey even with a rather obsolete story in Dabangg 3.
Apoorv Shandilya

Updated: December 20, 2019 12:05 IST

Rating : 3.25/5

Dabangg 3 Movie Story:

Dabangg 3 is in all sense and heart the story of Chulbul Pandey aka Salman Khan. The film explores the past experiences of Chulbul's life and how he joins the police force to become the cop he is now in the present time. It is in his past that the audience meets his ex-lover, Khushi (played by Saiee Manjrekar) and the biggest villain in the franchise yet, Sudeep. Chulbul must now grieve with his past and also protect his present from the growing threat of Sudeep alongside his companions.

Dabangg 3 Movie Performance:

Salman Khan continues to dominate the film in every single shot that he is present in. Despite the film's repetitive and formulaic story, Salman has not lost any bit of his charm and cheekiness. In the third film of the franchise his persona as a lovable cop is still widely noticeable and something that the audience can appreciate. Sonakshi Sinha's Rajjo only helps support Chulbul's life. Rajjo's own story is cut short due to the film choosing to focus on Chulbul's past but Sonakshi still does a convincing job in the role of Chulbul's wife. Sudeep's hulking presence and authority bring a certain amount of authenticity to the tension that the film creates. But in the end, it is Salman who carries the film on his back.

Dabangg 3 Movie Positives:

The movie shines in its characters and their interactions more than anything else. All the relationships that the film establishes are true to the heart and never fail to capture the audience's imagination. Chulbul's quirky character continues to bring in a few laughs throughout the film. In his antics, the film also manages to portray the sheer magnitude of change that has come since his past encounter with a villain like Sudeep. Prabhu Deva's presence in the director's chair also helps the movie in its song numbers that are just as catchy as ever.

Dabangg 3 Movie Negatives:

On its own Dabangg 3 lacks originality in every single frame. From using old song numbers to not having any character development for its supporting characters the film seems to undermine the audience's capacity of enjoying better-written stories. The film relies a little too much on Salman Khan's own fanbase than on the film's characters. Sadly this reflects in theatres too which are full not because of a fanbase that has come to watch Salman portray Chulbul with a new persona but to see their favorite star. How long will this last only time will tell.

Dabangg 3 Movie Verdict:

If you are a hardcore Salman fan this film is for you. If not then it might not be anything more than a lazy weekend watch. The film is entertaining in some parts and its action sequences look convincingly good but the lazy writing puts it down several notches. Sadly its most probably success at the box office will only result in more and more films with the same story being pumped out for the audience to watch.