De De Pyaar De Movie Review


De De Pyaar De Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Hindi

Genre: Comedy Romance

Release Date: 17 May 2019

Runtime: 02:15:00

De De Pyaar De Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Rakul Preet Singh

    Lead Actress

  2. Ajay Devgan

    Lead Actor

  3. Javed Jaffrey


  4. Bhushan Kumar


  5. Tabu

    Lead Actress

  6. Akiv Ali


  7. Luv Ranjan


  8. Luv Ranjan


  9. Luv Ranjan



De De Pyaar De Movie Review: Substandard Rom Com

De De Pyaar De Movie Review: Substandard Rom Com
Xappie Desk

Updated: May 17, 2019 14:42 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

De De Pyaar De Movie Summary:

The movie begins in London where a 50-year-old Ashish Mehra (Ajay Devgn) meets Aisha Khurana (Rakul Preet Singh) who’s half of his age. They both get instantly attracted to each other and what begins as silly flirting turns into an almost live-in relationship. Despite Ashish’s friend’s (Javed Jaffery) repeated attempts at insinuating that Aisha is a gold digger, he goes for her… till the point, she asks him about the next step. 

As expected predictable break up and quick patch up later. Ajay’s character takes his young, new girlfriend to meet his ex-wife (Tabu) and their two kids back home in Manali. And this is where the film takes a turn. A simple romantic comedy turns into a confusing tale of family conflicts, relationship issues, fake identities, and moral values. Touted to be a rom-com, De De Pyaar De starts on a lousy note. The first half is lousy with heavy dosages of flirting, a few double meaning dialogues, some harmless flirting and a dose of romance. Served cold with humour. The second half picks up the pace and has few enjoyable moments as Tabu makes it tackle. The screenplay of "De De Pyaar De" is as confusing as the story itself. Debut director Ali fails miserably to strike a balance between a modern-day love story and age-old moralistic values.

De De Pyaar De Movie Performances:

Ajay Devgn is playing his age and looks great his chemistry with Rakul Preet Singh doesn’t feel wrong. As we know Ajay Devgn is good at comic roles and intense romantic scenes once again he delivers a neat performance.

Tabu is fiery and expressive, she is brilliant as always. She looks gorgeous and her comedy timing is spot on. Everything about her feels right.

Rakul Preet Singh does a good job and oozes glamour in every frame. Cameos by Jimmy Shergill and Sunny Singh catch our attention too.

De De Pyaar De Movie Positives:

* Entertaining in parts
* Star Cast
* Smart writing
* Couple of laugh-aloud moments
* Songs

De De Pyaar De Movie Negatives:

* The story line was fit for a RomCom, but the Luv Ranjan, Surbi Bhatnagar & Tarun Jain has not managed to captivate the audience.
* Weak screenplay
* Predictable
* Poor dialogues which don’t make any sense at all.
* Some major ingredients of Luv Ranjan film are missing big time in the movie difference between a film directed by him and the one produced.

De De Pyaar De Movie Verdict:

Film lacks wow factor in each and every department. The young crowd will find this film boring and oldies will reject the theme as bold. People in-between will struggle to realize the romance or connect with comedy in this substandard romcom.

On the whole, De De Pyaar De is a modern take on relationships and changing the attitude of Indian society towards it. Problem is, it isn’t stitched properly. If De De Pyaar De still feels watchable, it's because it has an ace in Tabu.