Falaknuma Das Movie Review


Falaknuma Das Movie Review

Certificate: A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Action Thriller Romance

Release Date: 31 May 2019

Runtime: 02:30:00

Falaknuma Das Movie Cast & Crew


Falaknuma Das Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: May 31, 2019 15:33 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Falaknuma Das Movie Summary:

Das (Vishwaksen Naidu) survived by his mother and daughter resides in Faluknama, Hyderabad. Inspired by a local leader Shankaranna since his childhood, Das forms his own gang with his friends.

He switches various jobs like cable TV, mutton business and also lands in trouble with group clashes in Falaknama. His life takes a shocking twist and to find out more about it, its connection with Tina (Prashanthi Charulingah), Sakshi (Saloni Mishra) and Zoya (Harshita Gour), enjoy the film on the screen.

Falaknuma Das Movie Performances:

Vishwaksen is here stay, He performed well within his limitations. He easily adopted the role of a Telangana youngster raised in the lower-middle-class family in the old city. He is good with his body language, dialogues, and expressions. He emoted well in key scenes. However, his role turned out to be unidimensional.

After a long time, we got to see Uttej in important role he delivered powerful performance as Peg Pandu in the film. He is loud at times but was at his natural best he elevated the film and added authenticity to the role.

Surprise pick of the movie is director Tarun Bhaskar as SI Saidulu, he delivered a neat performance. Hope we will get to him in more roles in the future.

Prashanti, Saloni Mishra, Harshita Gaur added much-needed glamor to the film. However, they didn’t get much scope to perform and they looked decent suiting the mood of the movie.

Falaknuma Das Movie Analysis:

Vishwaksen Naidu who directed the film decided to attract movie lovers with Telangana accent. He chose to remake Malayalam hit Angamalay Diaries. He tried to connect chords showcasing old city Telangana culture, rustic real-life incidents and dialogues to some extent made an impact.

Though he got a decent story, he failed with his sluggish narration, lackluster screenplay, and direction. The slow pace of the film and repetitive scenes in the second half didn’t help the cause in any manner.

The film made an impact on teasers and trailers thus the openings are good. It may work to some extent at ticket windows till the weekend. Overall the film has nothing much to talk about except for a few powerful dialogues in Telangana dialect.

Falaknuma Das Technical Aspects:

Vivek Sagar once again made his mark with excellent Background score, BGM of the movie was so good and helped the scenes to have the right impact on the movie. However, the music and songs are just okayish. Couple of songs are tuned and written to entertain masses with foot tapping beats.

Editing left a lot to be desired. There are many scenes in the film which dragged the pace of the film and tested patience.

The cinematography is good beautifying the film. Vishwak Sen should have worked on the script, included few twists and turns for better impact towards the climax. The movie falls flat in the second half with nothing much to offer. Production values are good within the limited budget.

Falaknuma Das Movie Positives:

Telangana accent
Few dialogues, comedy

Falaknuma Das Movie Negatives:

Story, Screenplay, Direction
Slow Pace

Falaknuma Das Movie Verdict:

Falaknuma Das is not a very violent film, it is more about petty politics in local business, it highlights the activities of the youth and thugs whose lives are real... A faithful adaption of Angamaly Dairies, it’s a gritty story, raw narrative and good performances make ‘Falaknuma Das’ a decent watch with little frills.