Goodachari Movie Review


Goodachari Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Action Drama

Release Date: 03 Aug 2018

Runtime: 02:27:00

Goodachari Movie Cast & Crew


GoodaChari Review (No spoilers).

GoodaChari Review (No spoilers).
Xappie Desk

Updated: October 07, 2018 17:23 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

Goodachari Story

Story starts with a kid who wants to fulfill his father's dreams. The very same kid grows on to be a patriot, spy, lover, loyalist and a Hero for the nation. Nothing much beyond this can be narrated about the story. It has some amazing twists, turns & surprise elements. You have to watch them and enjoy for yourself

Goodachari Positives

-Story. Story. Story - Adivi Sesh did a fabulous job, he is a true genius. Credits to Writer Abburi Ravi as well. -Adivi Sesh himself, Looked ultra stylish & sharp. He gave a stellar performance. - Director Shashi Kiran Tikka deserves a special mention for not ruining a kickass story and presenting it exactly how it should be. -Screenplay is so gripping that, they should not have an interval at all. -Cinematography is brilliant. Few frames look no less than a hollywood flick. Kudos to Shaneil Deo -Background music is the soul of thriller films & Sricharan Pakala didn't disappoint in Goodachari. Music does a lot of talking when there are no conversations happening to keep you engaged -Debutante Shobitha Dhulipala was good. Prakash Raj was at his usual best. -Supriya looked powerful on screen, looks like she is here to stay - Plot twist will blow your mind

Goodachari Negatives

- Love track looked force fit into a fast paced action thriller - Some more out of the box techniques / actions by the lead would have been awesome

Goodachari Verdict

We can proudly say Tollywood has found its own Ethan Hunt or James Bond or our very own Goodachaari 116. Do not miss this stunning piece of work in theatres. Waiting for Goodachaari 2.