Jaanu Movie Review


Jaanu Movie Review

Certificate: U

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 07 Feb 2020

Runtime: 02:05:00

Jaanu Movie Cast & Crew

  1. C. Prem Kumar


  2. Samantha Akkineni

    Lead Actress

  3. Dil Raju


  4. Sharwanand

    Lead Actor

  5. Govind Vasantha

    Music Director


Jaanu Movie Review

Jaanu is a nostalgic ride of emotions and a first love that leaves the audiences with a heavy heart filled with happiness and joy.
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: February 07, 2020 20:10 IST

Rating : 3.25/5


'96 is the successful Tamil film, directed by Prem Kumar. Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha played the lead roles in the film. The movie got remade in Telugu now, with the title Jaanu. Sharwanand and Samantha played the lead pair and it released today. The film released amidst huge positive buzz as the trailer hinted a good love story.

Coming to the film's plot, it tells about the story of Ram (Sharwanand) who still has feelings for Jaanu (Samantha), his classmate from school. Ram could not deliver his feelings properly to Jaanu during the school and when he could build courage and express it, they parted ways. After many years, they meet at a reunion party, but Jaanu is already married to someone. The rest of the story is all about Ram revisiting all the good memories of Jaanu and making a conversation with Jaanu again, in a sensible and matured manner. The story looks like a tested material but the makers cleverly filled a lot of fresh emotions that could give nostalgic feels for the audiences.
When the remake announcement came, many commented that it won't work, considering the rate of success with remakes, in Tollywood. But, Dil Raju took it as a prestigious project and paved the way for success by picking the right cast for the movie. The selection of the same director is an additional advantage as he retained the soul of the film and translated it well once again for different audiences.
The film runs mainly on the emotion between the lead pair. They are not lovers anymore and she is deeply immersed in a life of her own. Yet, she cares for Ram and he admires her a lot. The entire chemistry between the two got presented neatly in a matured manner. Sharwanand is a good performer and Jaanu is another example to prove the same. The innocence in the character Ram got elevated with Sharwanand's presence and portrayal. On the other hand, Samantha too competed well with Sharwa in pulling off the best performance in her career. From the time she entered the film to the climax, she lifted the film with her presence and performance. Both looked great and they deserve more and more compliments.
The film's story is routine and there are no highs in the film that can excite the viewer and take him to a different level in giving the best viewing experience. The situations that come between the lead pair are predictable and the slow narrative structure sometimes slips us into sleep. Still, the director tried to have a fresh feel in his execution. The runtime looks lengthy. When the audiences look at the film with a fresh perspective, it does impress them but when compared with the original, the film disappoints them.
Prem Kumar picked up a universal point that is relatable to everyone and cooked a story around it. The cinematography, music and background score are very good in the film. The use of colors and instruments according to the situation of scenes is nice. The editing is fine too. The production values are impressive.
This remake of the superhit Tamil film has got too many plus points and a few minus points. Although there are minus points, they aren't visible and are passable. Coming to the execution, the director did his best to recreate the feeling that he once did in Tamil and he is successful without a doubt. Samantha and Sharwanand are ultimate performers and the show-stealers. On the whole, Jaanu is a nostalgic ride of emotions and a first love that leaves the audiences with a heavy heart filled with happiness and joy.