Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Review

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Review

Certificate: U

Language: Tamil

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 22 Feb 2019

Runtime: 02:04:00


Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: February 22, 2019 09:09 IST

Rating : 3/5

Kanne Kalaimaane Tagline:

Tamannaah and Udhayanidhi Stalin wow us with earnest performances.

Kanne Kalaimaane Story:

Kanne Kalaimaane starts off with a village in Madurai gearing up to celebrate a thiruvizha (carnival). Udhayanidhi is introduced as Kamalakannan, a village you who wants farming to flourish and not die with his generation. He is an agriculture graduate and someone who makes organic fertilisers in his own farming land and distributes it to others.
Bharathi (Tamannaah) is posted as a banking officer who collects loan debts from people in the village. Since Udhayanidhi helps people in the village to get loans, Tamannaah earns him to pay the interest. What happens when two honest people meet each other forms the rest of the story.

Kanne Kalaimaane Performances:

Tamannaah has literally given her career best performance in the film. It is safe to say she has shed her inhibitions and transformed herself as Bharathi, a village belle.
Udhayanidhi has improved with each film and this film has given him ample scope to display whatever he learnt in the past.
In director Seenu Ramasamy’s films, he gives importance to each and every character. In this film, veteran actress Vadivukarasi has put up her best performance and moves us with her expressions.
Actors Ramu and Vasunthra too have put their best foot forward and have played their characters with much conviction.

Kanne Kalaimaane Positives:

Director Seenu Ramasamy’s films are always rooted in realism and Kanne Kalaimaane is no different. The film addressed the issues faced by farmers and the lifestyle followed in villages.
He needs to be applauded for subtly putting out the inequality women face in the society. Many scenes beautifully portray the equality between a man and a woman. More importantly, the film also teaches how a boy and girl baby should be treated with equality in a family.
As always, Seenu Ramasamy has stayed away from glorifying his characters. Nobody gets an over-the-too introduction scene. Instead he has concentrated on different layers in each characters. This has made us empathise with them.
Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs have aided in elevating the emotion that has been portrayed in the film.
The sound design of Kanne Kalaimaane needs a special mention. Their work is impeccable and literally transports us into their village.

Kanne Kalaimaane Negatives:

The first half of Kanne Kalaimaane seems to be moving in a slow pace. It would have been better if the director trims a few scenes in the first half.
In some scenes we get a feeling that the film may be melodramatic. It may also seem exaggerated in a few scenes.

Kanne Kalaimaane Verdict:

Kanne Kalaimaane is a realistic portrayal of farmers and the practical difficulties they face. Not just farming, the film also addressed several relevant topics that are much needed for the society these days.