Kapatadhaari Movie Review


Kapatadhaari Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Thriller Crime

Release Date: 19 Feb 2021

Runtime: 02:18:00

Kapatadhaari Movie Cast & Crew


Kapatadhaari Review: A thriller that lacks the emotional depth!

Kapatadhaari Review: A thriller that lacks the emotional depth!
Kapatadhari is the remake of Kannada film Kavaludaari and it has Sumanth playing the lead role and the trailer prepared the audiences that they are off for a thrilling ride but check it out if it met
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Updated: February 19, 2021 11:59 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Kapatadhaari Movie Review:

With Malli Rava, actor Sumanth is back to a form where he is actively making films and his market also witnessed a growth. The success of Malli Rava has boosted the confidence of the actor and audiences started showing interest in his movies. Sumanth attempted remakes in his career and he has now come up with the remake of Kannada film Kavaludaari. Titled Kapatadhari, the movie is releasing today.

Thrillers are always interesting to watch. Kannada film Kavaludaari has become a big hit because of the way it was told. Coming to the film's story, Gautham (Sumanth) works as a traffic constable who wants to make his mark. He is not totally satisfied with the work he is doing and wanted to get into the crime department and solve cases. One day, he comes across a murder case that takes him back to 40 years in time. He gets so obsessed with the case and starts digging deeper. As he digs it deeper, he comes to know some shocking truths. The rest of the film is about the struggles that Gautham faced and how he successfully solved the case.
The problem with the remakes is that the makers attempt to make it the same as the original, in most of the cases. Coming to Kapatadhaari, it is one of the movies that was not changed much. The film unit did this remake simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil with different leads. Sibi Satyaraj played the lead in Tamil while Sumanth played the lead in Telugu. The best part of the film is the camera work by Rasamathi. The frame looks rich and the tone of the film is good. Hemanth A Rao who worked for Andhadhun is the writer of the film. The film is screenplay based. It goes to and fro and also takes us back to a period when the crime happened. The entire sequence of how Sumanth solves the mystery is interesting. There are a good number of twists in the film but the film was dragged to a moment where the audiences get bored. The original runtime is high and the Telugu version is almost on the similar lines.
At a point, the film appears to be another routine crime drama that we have already watched. However, the twist and the climax brings a change in that impression. Compared to the first half of the film, the second half of the movie has been impressive. Director Pradeep Krishamoorthy tried to add some unnecessary thrilling moments which got misfired. Emotionally, the film has no connect. The audiences will not find a connection with any character. Although Sumanth struggles to solve the case, we dont get connected to him which is why the film does not awe us by the time the film comes to an end.
Performances wise, Sumanth is perfect as the police officer. He sported a new look to bring fresh feels to the audiences. He played the character well. Nasser is the right support to Sumanth and his character is very crucial in the film. Jayaprakash is impressive in his role. Vennela Kishore's role is routne. Nanditha Swetha did not have a great scope to perform in the film. Technically, the film is just average. The audio album could not impress and the background score is good in parts. The editing could have been better. The art work is nice The production values are okay.
Kapatadhaari is a thriller that could have been made much better. The film is poorly executed and it lacks the emotional connect that could keep the audiences hooked to the screen. There is nothing great about the film and it hardly engages!