Mamangam Malayalam Movie Movie Review

Mamangam Malayalam Movie Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Action Drama

Release Date: 12 Dec 2019

Runtime: 00:00:00


Mamangam Movie Review

Mamangam Movie Review: Mammootty film is a gripping tale on Chaverukal.
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: December 13, 2019 16:26 IST

Rating : 3/5

Mamangam Malayalam Movie Movie Story

Valiya Panicker (Mammootty) hails from the Chandroth family from Valluvanadu. He takes the oath to kill the Zamorin ruler at the prestigious Mamangam festival, which happens once in 12 years. But, he fails and escapes into oblivion.

Two decades later, the remaining two sons of the Chandroth family (Unni Mukundan and Master Achuthan) take on the oath to kill the Zamorin ruler. Will they succeed in the mission and claim the throne which is rightfully theirs?

Mamangam Malayalam Movie Movie Performance:

Mammootty is the heart and soul of this film, which heavily relies on the actor's performance and stunt sequence and the actor has delivered even at this age. His dialogue delivery and the opening stunt sequence are perfect to set the tone.

After Mammootty, Master Achuthan's acting elevates the whole mood of the film. He has a single expression throughout the film and it also tells us about the sharp focus on the job that he has taken on him.

Unni Mukundan, even though plays one of the lead characters, doesn't have much to speak. But, his fight sequences do it for him.

Prachi Tehlan and actor Siddique have done their parts well. Their screen time is less and hence their characters don't really make an impact.

Mamangam Malayalam Movie Movie Positives:

The story of Chaverukal and their fighting skills make up for an interesting script and the fact that they are capable of flying makes it special. Also, the director has concentrated on these aspects.

The production value of Mamangam needs a special mention as it looks excellent on screen. Even the forests or the typical Malayalam households look extremely good on the celluloid.

Mammootty's presence in the film made a huge difference. If they had cast any other actor, Mamangam wouldn't have been what it is today.

Manoj Pillai's cinematography is one of the highlights of Mamangam as he has captured the beauty of Valluvanadu beautifully. The visuals are so perfect that it literally takes you to the place,

Mamangam Malayalam Movie Movie Negatives:

The stunt sequences which involve the lead character flying (quite literally) are hard to buy especially in this age. While their sword-wielding skills are great to look at it, it goes overboard when it has them jumping over pillars.

The screenplay of Mamangam could have been worked on. The film appears slow in a lot of places and a little trimming would help the film to be a lot crispier.

Mamangam Malayalam Movie Movie Verdict:

Mamangam starring Mohanlal is engaging but it could have been extraordinary. Had the director concentrated on the editing and a few more stunt sequences, it would have been brilliant.