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Mangalyam Thanthunanena

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20 Sep 2018 02:18:00

Mangalyam Thanthunanena Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: October 06, 2018 11:28 IST

Rating : 3/5

Mangalyam Thanthunanena Story

Soumya Sadanandan’s directorial debut Mangalyam Thanthunanena is about a year in the life of the newlywed Roy (Kunchacko Bobban and Clara (Nimisha Sajayan), from their wedding day to their first anniversary day. It is a common notion that a man’s life becomes miserable after marriage. So has Royichan’s, according to him. He is neck deep in debt and unemployed, and he believes that neither his mom nor his wife can understand him. As he struggles to find solutions for his financial crisis, we see many male characters empathising with him in Soumya Sadhanandan’s debut directorial. Though Soumya Sadanandan’s film at its core the story of an irresponsible husband who is butter-fingered in handling money, one gets to see visual representations of these non-jokes on the ‘nagging wife’ sprinkled all through the film. The cheerful wedding sequence of Roy and Clara that opens the film stands in contrast to the occasional detours taken to rough terrain in the subsequent portions. Despite this, a neat balance is attained between the fun and serious moments. You get the feeling that things are going to turn out all right for everyone, but you can't quite see how it is going to get there, especially when Roy is constantly pushed to the edge.

Mangalyam Thanthunanena Bottom Line

The story does have some social relevance and can be related to what we see around in today’s world. But the movie becomes drab at times as the script lacks depth. Mangalyam Thanthunanena is a simple film without much to boast off.