Mathu Vadalara Movie Review

Mathu Vadalara Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama Thriller

Release Date: 25 Dec 2019

Runtime: 02:49:00


Mathu Vadalara Movie Review

Mathu Vadalara movie review: Sri Simha's film is good in parts
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: December 25, 2019 16:25 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Mathu Vadalara Movie Story:

Sri Simha plays a delivery boy who had frustrated in life because of his meager salary. He feels that his life is stagnant with this salary and wants to make quick bucks to settle down in life.

When he decides to cheat people and get money, he gets stuck in life-threatening trouble. The rest of the story follows Sri Simha and his friends' tactics to come out of the trouble.

Mathu Vadalara Movie Performance:

Sri Simha makes a decent debut with Mathu Vadalara. In his maiden film, he got the opportunity to show two shades, which he has used to his favor. At times, we can see his lack of experience through his expressions.

Mathu Vadalara's heart and soul is comedy actor Satya's performance. He takes the story forward with his comic timing, especially in the Serial Track. Moreover, the film's comedy is devoid of objectionable content.

We cannot call Athulya Chandra as the heroine. But, She does her character with perfection even with little screentime.

Naresh Agastya, Vennela Kishore Brahmaji, Pawala Shyamala form the supporting cast. In the roles that they got offered, they performed well and added whatever they can to the film.

Mathu Vadalara Movie Positives:

Director Ritesh Rana has picked a simple script and tried his best to craft a suspense thriller around it. He succeeds to an extent as he incorporated comedy in it, which makes the proceedings quite interesting.

Mathu Vadalara works well only because of its comedy. The two comedy tracks namely The Serial Track and Track of Satya will leave everyone in splits. These comedy tracks don't hinder the story.

One of the interesting aspects of Mathu Vadalara is the implementation of modern techniques used in society to cheat people. It rings a bell so close to our hearts and makes us relate to the story.

Kalabhairava makes his debut as a composer in the film and he has done a fine job in handling the music. Along with the music, the production design adds to the positives of the film.

Mathu Vadalara Movie Negatives:

The main drawback of Ritesh Rana's film is its wafer-thin storyline that got dragged beyond its time. Once the suspense had revealed, the film could have ended, but the director drags it to a great extent, which makes us lose patience.

Also, the second half of the film tests the audience in so many ways as it had packed with cliched twists and turns which one can anticipate way before the scene unfolds on screen.

Mathu Vadalara Movie Verdict:

Mathu Vadalara is a commendable attempt from a bunch of newcomers. Apart from excellent comedy, the film has quite a few appealing portions that are interesting to watch on the big screen.