Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali Movie Review


Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali Movie Review

Certificate: U

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 30 Jul 2021

Runtime: 00:00:00

Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali Movie Cast & Crew


Movie Review: Thimmarasu

Movie Review: Thimmarasu
Satya Dev’s Thimmarasu is one of the first two Telugu films to release in theaters post Covid second wave. Here’s our review of the investigative thriller.
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Updated: July 30, 2021 16:02 IST

Rating : 2.75/5

Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali Review - Story:

After much deliberation, Rama Chandra (Sathya Dev), a lawyer opens a murder case that was closed 8 years ago. His gut feeling is that the real culprits behind the case are walking free while an innocent juvenile who was framed for murder served jail time. Can Rama Chandra tracks the real culprits and prove them guilty now?

Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali Review - Analysis:

Thimmarasu is essentially an investigative thriller that revolves around an open and shut case that was closed 8 years ago. The film gets off to a rather timid start as there isn’t much happening in regard to the story. The character establishment sequences are strictly mediocre. But the film switches gears quickly and progresses at a brisk pace.

The investigation-oriented scenes are engaging and they hold the attention of the viewers. The tempo line is up towards the interval block. However, the latter half also starts off on a dull note. But the ending portion and the climax round off the entire story and have been executed with conviction.
The comedy track between the protagonist and Bramhaji works in parts. The suspense factor that is raked up through the main plot is organic and it helps the cause. The murder mystery and the subsequent investigation track fuel the narrative. The scenes preceding the investigation could have been better though. These scenes aren’t purposeful enough.
Sathya Dev is an excellent performer and he proves the same with Thimmarasu. His portrayal of an earnest lawyer is spotless. But the other characters, barring that of Bramhaji’s aren’t potent enough. Sircharan Pakala’s background score is decent. The songs aren’t that good though. Cinematography elevates the vibe of the film.
With a relatively good second half, Thimmarasu makes for a decent one-time watch. Despite a few cliched scenes in either half, it is one of the decent thrillers that have been released in theaters and also on OTT in recent times.

Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali Review - Verdict:

Thimmarasu has a potent plot. The murder mystery and the subsequent investigation track have what it takes to keep the audience hooked. But the subplots aren’t as gripping enough. The film ends up as a decent thriller that has just about enough things going its way