Naarappa Movie Review


Naarappa Movie Review

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Language: Telugu

Genre: Action Drama Thriller

Release Date: 01 Jan 1970

Runtime: 02:34:00

Naarappa Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Mani Sharma

    Music Director

  2. Daggubati Suresh Babu


  3. Daggubati Venkatesh

    Lead Actor

  4. Srikanth Addala


  5. Priyamani

    Lead Actress


Naarappa Movie Review - A Faithful Remake Of Asuran.

Naarappa Movie Review - A Faithful Remake Of Asuran.
Venkatesh’s Narappa skipped theatrical release and is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now. Here is our review of the Srikanth Addala directorial Narappa.
Anoop Sai Bandi

Updated: July 20, 2021 01:23 IST

Rating : 3/5

Naarappa Movie Review - Story

After the brutal murder of his son and a consequent retaliation, Naarappa (Venkatesh) and his family of three run away from their village. But little do they know that their enemies are closing in on them and are coming for blood. Will Narappa be able to save himself and his family from the grave danger? If yes, then how? The answer to this question forms the remaining plot of Naarappa Movie.

Naarappa Movie Review - Analysis

Right from the outset, Naarappa is a faithful remake of the original. The director Srikanth Addala takes the safe route and creates a mirror image of the original, Asuran. That said, Naarappa gets the emotional connection right, thanks to an emotionally engaging narrative and exquisite performance from the main man, Venkatesh.

The set-up and the screenplay of Naarappa are clearly identical to that of Asuran. Almost each and every scene carries the same essence and vibe as that of the original. So, those who have watched Asuran already might find Narappa to be repetitive. But for the rest, the film can make for a compelling watch.
Naarappa is powered by a spotless performance from Venkatesh. He excels in emotional sequences and also oozes energy in action blocks. This can easily go down as the best performance in his career thus far. He deserved every bit of appreciation he will revive for his performance.
The film is essentially a survival thriller revolving around the disparity between the rich and the poor. The emotional connection is bang on point right from the word go and that is the biggest asset to the film. But there are times when the narrative turns monotonous, especially so in the flashback episode. Also, the film is a scene by scene imitation of the original.

Naarappa Movie Review - Verdict

Naarappa stays true to the original and doesn’t offer anything new that isn’t a part of the Dhanush starrer. But Naarappa has what it takes to keep the viewers engaged. You are likely to enjoy the film more if you haven’t watched Asuran. Venkatesh’s stunning act and emotionally gripping narrative work in Narappa’s favour. It might make for a relatively decent one-time watch this weekend.