Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Review

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Tamil

Genre: Drama Thriller

Release Date: 08 Aug 2019

Runtime: 02:38:00


Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Review

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Updated: August 06, 2019 15:00 IST

Rating : 3.5/5

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Tagline:

Nerkonda Paarvai Review: Powerful adaptation of Pink with minor changes to suit Tamil sensibilities

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Summary:

Meera Krishnan (Shraddha Srinath), Famitha Banu (Abirami Venkatachalam) and Andrea (Andrea Tariang) are wrongly accused of committing a heinous crime against a gang of men, who molested them. Meera Krishnan gets arrested for murder and they battle it in court.

Meanwhile, Bharat Subramanian (Ajith), who is battling depression and bipolar disorder, represents them and teaches everyone who consent and patriarchy mean.

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Performances:

This is by far the best performance for Ajith in the last decade. He lets everyone take the centre stage in the first half and shoulders the movie in the second half with his dialogue delivery.

Shraddha Srinath has reprised Taapsee's role and she is the soul of the movie by giving a hard-hitting performance. Her helpless expression or display of bravery is too good.

Abirami Venkatachalam is a new entrant to Kollywood and it is quite visible in her expressions. At places, she looks out of place and struggles to emote. Andrea Tariang who played her role from the Hindi version is great in her role as well.

Rangaraj Pandey who essayed the role of a lawyer has done a decent job. At times, his acting looks a bit exaggerated.

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Positives:

Director H Vinoth has stayed true to the story of Pink and has retained the core and essence in Nerkonda Paarvai. There are minor changes, but they do not look out of place.

A major advantage of Nerkonda Paarvai is its hard-hitting dialogues. Those who have watched Pink would know that the makers have retained them and it suits the situation in the country more than ever.

Composer Yuvan Shankar Raja's music is excellent in elevating the mood of the scene. Especially during the climax, it moves the audience.

Nirav Shah's cinematography is also a major plus in Nerkonda Paarvai. From maintaining a sombre tone to bright colours, he has given his best for a film about women's safety.

Vinoth should be appreciated for handling Ajith and Vidya Balan's love portion with reality and not taking it to the path of commercial film.

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Negatives:

Nerkonda Paarvai starts with a song featuring Kalki Koechlin. The song seems force-fitted just to show that Meera is a dancer. It didn't add anything particular to the story.

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Verdict:

Nerkonda Paarvai is a must-watch film for all the men who don't understand consent or look at women with a pre-conceived notion. The film will be a revelation to those who haven't watched Pink. Go watch it in theatres.