Peranbu Movie Review

Peranbu Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Tamil

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 01 Feb 2019

Runtime: 02:27:00


Peranbu Movie Review

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Updated: January 30, 2019 17:56 IST

Rating : 4/5

Peranbu Movie Tagline:

Peranbu - A masterpiece from director Ram and Mammootty

Peranbu Movie Summary:

Amudhan (Mammootty) is a working father who shows least interest in his child Paapa (Sadhana) when he learns that she is physically disabled. His wife Thangam leaves him and marries a guy who loves him leaving Paapa with Amudhan.

Amudhan has a tough time understanding Paapa and they both get along together by helping a trapped bird fly freely. As Paapa grows old, she starts to feel like a woman, but as a man and father, Amudhan has a tough time understanding Paapa’s desires.

How will he bring Paapa up? Will he look for companionship to take care of him and Paapa? Will Paapa’s desires get fulfilled?

Peranbu Performances:

Mammootty as Amudhan is just perfect for the role and it is good to see him back in Tamil. His performance in Peranbu is so realistic that he doesn’t bring any star quality with him. It looks like we’re just seeing a father onscreen.

Baby Sadhana won the National Award for Thangameenkal. It's no doubt if she receives another award for her flawless performance as Paapa. Acting as a physically abled child is so difficult, but she made it possible.

Even though Anjali’s screentime is less, she makes an impact and once again proves that she is one of the best actresses in town.

Transwoman Anjali Ameer has also brought her A game with this fame. She looks so natural in the film and it suits her character Meera.

Peranbu Positives:

It is certainly not easy to make a film on the relationship between a spastic child and her father. And to deal with a taboo topic like periods or sexual desires is even more difficult. But, Ram has done a wonderful job in depicting them in the most dignified manner.

Any film of Ram’s is high on dialogues which are meaningful and deep. So is Peranbu and the dialogues hit you hard. So much so that it makes you contemplate your behaviour.

Each and every character has some great details that aid to the depth of the story. Not many directors can showcase transwoman as a dignified person. Ram breaks away from the box and gives them a new light.

Theni Eswar’s cinematography is yet another advantage of the Peranbu. Especially, the portions that were shot in Kodaikanal are pleasing to the eye and will transport you there.

A strong emotional drama like Peranbu needs brilliant music and who better than Yuvan Shankar Raja to do the perfect job. The songs and the background music are so soothing and melting.

Peranbu Negatives:

The film might turn out to be moving at a snail’s pace, but sometimes it works in favour of the story.

It’d have been nice to know Amudhan and Meera’s relationship curve and how they deal with Paapa’s desires.

Peranbu Verdict:

Ram’s Peranbu is a film that will start a conversation on several pressing issues. It is just a poetry on-screen on how a single father should treat a spastic child and how he should never shy away from helping his child on periods. It might sound as a documentary but it is indeed a lesson everyone should have.