RDX Love Movie Review

RDX Love Movie Review

Certificate: A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 11 Oct 2019

Runtime: 02:25:00


RDX Love Movie Review

RDX Love movie review: Payal Rajput’s film is sheer torture.
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: October 11, 2019 20:09 IST

Rating : 1/5

RDX Love Movie Story:

Alivelu (Payal Rajput) works in an NGO who wants to educate people on various ‘pressing’ issues so that she could get the Chief Minister’s attention. In the process, a young man (Tejas) falls in love with her seeing her pure attitude.

However, her love comes in her way and puts her life at risk. Tejas’s father is a media baron (Aditya Menon) who got irked with their love. This, in turn, puts her life in danger. What will happen to their love? What is Payal’s motive?

RDX Love Movie Performances:

RDX Love is Payal Rajput’s show all the way. She is oozing glamour in each and every scene whether required or not. Apart from mediocre acting, her skin show and skimpy clothes do the talking.

Tejas has a single motive in this film and it is to ogle at Payal and drool over her. He does a neat job but it gets annoying after a point.
Aditya Menon as media baron oversells his role, which puts people off. Mumaith Khan appears as a bad cop and she does a shoddy job.
Naresh and Aamani have done their part as supporting character artists.

RDX Love Movie Positives:

RDX Love seems to be a film that will only satisfy Payal Rajput’s fans and to cash in on her popularity after RX 100’s success. Her acting, glamour and skimpy clothes seems to be the goal for the director and not the actual script.

RDX Love Movie Negatives:

RDX Love is a film that is literally zero on story and logic. Every single scene is ridiculous and it only implies that the director has taken the audience for granted.

Director Shankar Banu has relied on vulgar scenes and sleazy stuffs instead of concentrating on the actual story. Even though the director tries to make them look normal by incorporating social messages, it got ruined by silly scenes that follow.
Songs in RDX Love don’t add anything to the story and they are not even memorable once the film is over. Payal didn’t shy away from wearing any kind of clothes thrown at her.
Editing of the film is haphazardly done and the dialogues reek of immature writing and are outrightly funny.
There seems to be no respect to filmmaking or to the audience who watches the film. RDX Love is a film which is high on silliness.

RDX Love Movie Verdict:

RDX Love is a film that is made with a sole attempt to attract youngsters who are looking for Adult stuff. However, there is not even an ounce of work that has gone into making it into a plausible story.