Super 30 Movie Review


Super 30 Movie Review

Certificate: U

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 12 Jul 2019

Runtime: 02:34:00

Super 30 Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Reliance Entertainment


  2. Vikas Bahl


  3. Hrithik Roshan

    Lead Actor

  4. Mrunal Thakur

    Lead Actress


Super 30 Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: July 12, 2019 15:18 IST

Rating : 2.75/5

Super 30 Movie Tagline:

Super 30 Review: When you exaggerate the extraordinary, it looks ordinary

Super 30 Movie Summary:

Anand(Hrithik Roshan) is the most brilliant mind in Patna. He is eldest of two son's of the postman of the area. He is in love with the richest man's daughter in his area, Ritu(Mrunal Thakur).

The movie starts with one of Anand's students Mr. Fugga Kumar(Vijay Varma) receiving an award at an International event for his contribution in aeronautics. In his thank yo speech, he thanks the people who made the same possible, and started narrating the story of the most important person in his life.

On winning the 1st prize for a debate competition in the area, Minister Devraj praises Anand for his intelligence and promises all long of assistance for any requirements in the future. But, the time comes soon, when Anand gets an admission into the esteemed Cambridge University in London and they reach out to Devraj for financial assistance, but is turned down for the same. In the process of trying to acquire the funding for his education, his father (Virendra Saxena) passed away.

With no food in the house, the family has resorted to selling pappad to make ends meet. It is then when Lallan Singh(Aditya Shrivastava) offers Anand a job to teach Mathematics at his IIT coaching institute in Patna callled the Excellance Coaching. This changed lives for Anand and his family. The coaching center started minting money and rising Anand as the authorized signatory of the institute. But then one night, he got a reality check from a cycle rickshaw wala about the unsaid patriarchy which intertwines the life styles and the education system. "Raja ka beta raja aur tangewala ka beta tangewala hi banta hai. Yahi duniya ka niyam hai."

He remembers his father who used to stay "Ab raja ka beta raja nahi banega, raja wohi banega , jo hakdaar hoga". Anad quits his job at Excellance Coaching and with his savings he starts a coaching center with hostel servcies completely free for poor kids who cannot afford the education they deserve due to their pathetic living conditions.

Being a biopic on Anand Kumar, the mathematician who won the Rashtriya Bal Kalyan Award, the rest of the movie shows his struggle to keep the institute up and running and the challenges he faces financially, physically and politically for the same.

Super 30 Movie Performances:

It’s not at all easy to get your act together in a movie such as this. Full credit to Hrithik Roshan for not losing his head for a single scene. He performs each scene as his first & excels in them with ease. Yes, the dialect fluctuates from being a caricature to actually nailing it. He has mastered the look and the walk, which helps him to express with perfection.

Nandish Singh as Hrithik’s brother delivers a confident performance. His smart and sensible screen presence aids the leads to do their job.

Pankaj Tripathi is exceptional in his role. Though the screen time is less, he had made this role memorable. Watch out for an outstanding scene between him and Aditya Shrivastava (CID Fame). Aditya aptly supports the story with his performance. He doesn’t go over-the-top stereotypically and fits in the cast well.

All of the kids know what are they doing. They’re guided well with the dialogue delivery and screen presence.

Vijay Varma excels in a cameo, holds to the emotional quotient of his character.

Female lead Mrunal Thakur looks beautiful! Her chemistry with Hrithik Roshan is the base of a love story which should’ve been explored a little more than it was.

Super 30 Movie Technicalities and Analysis:

At 2 hours and 42 minutes, Super 30 is too long. Hrithik's love story with Mrunal is force fit, which has no significance to the film and seems to have been kept just to meet the commercial prospects of the movie.

Certain parts of Super 30 seem very far-fetched. Director Vikas Bahl unnecessarily amps up the drama, and there is even a sequence where the Super 30 students fend off a gang of professional assassins trying to attack Anand at a hospital.

It is a challenge to make films on people whose lives have unfolded before us, in our lifetime. Taking creative licenses to build a compelling narrative can compromise the believability and originality of the story.

Ajay-Atul does well with the background score, that’s probably one of the best takeaways from the film. Songs, though situational, had more potential to uplift the narrative. Niyam Ho remains the best of all, it's placement also a lot to do with it being so good. Cinematography is good.

Super 30 Movie Verdict:

Hrithik Roshan shines in this ordinary script. Though Super 30 has a heart in the right place and great performances, the lengthy run-time and overdose of drama drag it down to a normal film.