Wild Dog Movie Review


Wild Dog Movie Review


Language: Telugu

Genre: Action Thriller Adventure

Release Date: 02 Apr 2021

Runtime: 02:25:00

Wild Dog Movie Cast & Crew


Wild Dog Review - Partly gripping action thriller

Wild Dog Review - Partly gripping action thriller
Nagarjuna has been actively promoting Wild Dog for the past few days and he seemed really confident about the film. Billed to be an edge-of-the-seat action thriller, Wild Dog is directed by Ahishor So
Sathvik SV

Updated: April 02, 2021 14:35 IST

Rating : 2/5

Wild Dog Story:

Following a devastating bomb explosion in Hyderabad, hotheaded National Investigation Agency officer Vijay Varma, famously known as the Wild Dog devises a covert operation to nab the terrorists behind the heinous crime. His only motive is to encounter the culprits and eliminate the mastermind behind the explosion, Khalid. Will he be able to take on the crooked terrorists and complete the operation?

Wild Dog Performances:

Veteran actor Nagarjuna has chosen a role that challenges him both mentally and physically. His portrayal of Vijay Varma, a daring and dynamic NIA officer is of top-drawer quality. He shoulders the film with his elegant performance. Saiyami Kher plays a brief role and she is good. Dia Mirza plays Nagarjuna’s wife and she emotes well. Ali Raza, Prakash, Atul Kulkarni and others play supporting roles and they do what is expected of them.

Wild Dog Review:

Wild Dog is an action thriller based on terrorist activities and bomb blasts which claimed the lives of many innocent civilians. The film naturally has a relatable plot which works in its favour.

Nagarjuna runs the show with his winning performance. He performed quite a few risky stunts and gave his very best to the film. He carries the intense look all the way through.
The film opens with bomb blasts, followed by a covert operation spearheaded by NIA officers. The opening sequences are pacy but the tempo falls down towards the pre-interval block. Things turn a tad monotonous towards the end of the first half.
The latter half is all about the NIA team tracking down the man behind the terrorist activities, Khalid and it packs a punch. Related scenes are presented with conviction.
Wild Dog delivers on the action front but it has very little to offer when it comes to suspense and thrills. The curiosity factor is not maintained through the course of the film and the director Ahishor Solomon should have paid extra attention to the same. There is an unconvincing and half-baked twist in the climax.
Editing could have been better as certain sequences look stretched. Background score is immersive and the the visuals set the right mood. The film is technically sleek.

Wild Dog Verdict:

Wild Dog is a partly engaging action thriller which has a relatable plot. There are a few sluggish scenes here and there which dents the overall movie-watching experience. The film ends up as a watchable action thriller.