World Famous Lover Movie Review

World Famous Lover Movie Review

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Certificate: U/A

Language: Telugu

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 14 Feb 2020

Runtime: 02:36:00


World Famous Lover Movie Review

A love that is directionless and heads nowhere!
Aravind Peesapati

Updated: February 14, 2020 14:07 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

World Famous Lover Movie Story:

Gautham (Vijay Devarakonda) is an aspiring writer who passes time by taking a break from his well-paying job. His girlfriend Yamini (Raashi Khanna) decides to break up with him since he seems disinterested in her and hardly shows any real love towards her. When Yamini walks out of his life, it hits Gautham badly and changes him completely as a person. What did Gautham do then? What attempts did he make to get close to Yamini again? How did their story end? Forms the story of the movie.

World Famous Lover Movie Performances:

Among all the actors, Vijay Devarakonda and Raashi Khanna stand out as the best. Both breathed life into their characters. Vijay has got a lot of chances to show multiple variations and a pinch of versatility in this film. He used it perfectly and came up with yet another intense and impactful performance with World Famous Lover. Raashi Khanna as Yamini has stepped into the shoes of a vulnerable character which is the first of its kind for her. She is at her best, in terms of her looks and also on point with the portrayal of the character. Aishwarya Rajesh looks real in the middle-class housewife role. Her performance leaves an impact too. Izabelle and Catherine are the glamour attractions for the film but still, they emoted their roles well and made their presence felt. The other actors Jayaprakash, Priyadarshi, are good too.

World Famous Lover Movie Positives:

The major plus of the movie is the performances from all the actors. Vijay and Aishwarya's Yellandu love track is the best one of all the tracks and it has got comedy, romance, sentiment and everything in the right proportion. The director has a clever point to deal with but unfortunately, it did not get translated on the screen. All the while, the film's protagonist Gautham thinks that he actually made a lot of compromises for his girl Yamini but he only realizes that the compromises are actually made by her. The whole story of the movie is actually about this particular thread which did not get reflected on the screen properly. The other beautiful thing about the film is the way the characters are written.

World Famous Lover Movie Negatives:

As mentioned, the point that has to get conveyed properly in the film did not get translated on the big screen. Also, there are a lot of deviations in the movie which could have been avoided. Although Vijay's performance is good, his look is the same for almost every film of his in recent times. Except for one song, there is nothing great about the music. The background music hardly makes any impression. Some of the dialogues are good and some of them did not make any sense. The track between Vijay and Isabelle makes no sense at all and people laughed at it in the theatres.

World Famous Lover Movie Verdict:

World Famous Lover is a film that tries to tell the greatness of love lies in understanding each other and one of the two undergoing a compromise for the betterment of the relationship. Acknowledging the same and supporting one another is the key to the relationship and those who break the pact have to suffer. This did not get translated properly on the screen and to convey the same, the director weaved three stories of love. Instead, he could have conveyed it through Gautham's own story or the story of Seenayya with Suvarna. The dragged screenplay hardly made any impact. On the whole, the film is good for the bright performances from everyone and it ends on a disappointing note.