36 Vayasulo movie Review

36 Vayasulo Movie Review

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Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Streaming Date: 24 Jul 2020

Duration: 01:54:00

36 Vayasulo Movie Review: A fine family drama that talks about women empowerment in a non-preachy manner

Jyothika's 36 Vayasulo is the dubbed version of the Tamil film 36 Vayadhinile which itself is a remake of Malayalam movie How Old Are You and Aha dubbed the movie in Telugu and released it today which
Manoj Kumar

Updated: August 10, 2020 09:19 IST

Rating : 3/5

36 Vayasulo Story:

Vasanthi (Jyothika) is a 36-year-old housewife who wants to settle in Ireland along with her husband and daughter. But, she gets disappointed as her visa gets rejected. One day, she receives a call to meet the President of India. Unfortunately, the meeting results in Vasanthi becoming a troll material on social media. A disappointed Vasanthi slowly gets back in life as her husband and daughter fly to Ireland. What did Vasanthi do then to turn everyone's attention on to her? Did Vasanthi meet President of India again? What did Vasanthi achieve, at the age of 36? Forms the story of the movie.

36 Vayasulo Performances:

After taking a break from movies, Jyothika made her comeback with this film. Although we have seen Jyothika in the recent past, in a couple of other films, this film remains one of the best ones in the actress' career. In the movie, Jyothika represents all the middle-class women and her performance is enjoyable. The way she portrays emotions is impressive. She carries the movie on her shoulders. Rahman, as Jyothika's husband, is decent enough, as per his character. The rest of the actors are good and made their presence felt. The whole film is about Jyothika and her life. She gives her best.

36 Vayasulo Technical Aspects:

The camera work of the movie is excellent. The locations look good and the tone of the film looks classy. The music by Santhosh Narayanan is amazing. His background score is good too. The dubbing is very nice and the makers made sure that the film looks well with Telugu lines. Suriya produced the movie and the production values are lavish. Although the film released long back in Tamil, it still looks relevant.

36 Vayasulo Verdict:

The movie touches a lot of angles and provokes thought in the minds of the audiences. The women empowerment angle of the film comes up well in the film, as part of the story. The best part of it is that it does not look forced or preachy. The slowness in the film is a drawback but then the family drama and Jyothika's performance will make the audiences feel engaged with the flow. The narration of the movie is not very racy. After a good second half, while the film arrives at the end, it looks a little forced. The film reminds us of Sridevi's English Vinglish but the movie is different from that. This is actually a remake of Malayalam movie How Old Are You, starring Manju Warrier in the lead. Director Rosshan made sure that film a perfect comeback for Jyothika back then, and however, the film's story is also a much-needed tale tp be told, in the current times. On the whole, the movie is a neat family drama that we can enjoy during this lockdown.