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12 Jan 2021 01:55:00

Aha Video's Mail Movie Review

Directed by Uday Gurrala, Mail movie capturing the beauty of the village and its innocence
Yagna Namburi

Updated: January 13, 2021 13:40 IST

Rating : 2.75/5

Mail Movie Storyline:

Mail movie directed by Uday Gurrala is set in a time when computers started stirring interest and grabbing the attention of youth. Ravikumar (Harshith) is intrigued by the computer since he came across it during his inter results. He determines to pursue his career in computers, yet takes a step back considering multiple factors. Priyadarshan, the 'pelli Choopulu' fame, plays a vital role in the movie opening-up a computer gaming shop in the same village Harshith resides. Being a computer enthusiast, Harshith determines to seek computer knowledge from him and in the process comes across a fake email for which he falls a bait. The story then takes the respective twists and turns to showcase the following questions, How did this mail change his life? How will Harshith escape from the trap? 

Mail Movie Performances:

Harshith Malgireddy did justice to his character as an innocent village boy, being enthusiastic about the changes going around him. He carried that soft and mild-natured look throughout the movie, which helped the audience to get comfortable with the movie's environment.

Gouri Priya, the female lead, did not have a lot of scope for the performance. But her expressions and the way she carried herself as a strong-headed village girl helped to round up the village essence required for the film.
Priya Darshi, the owner of the computer gaming shop, performed well, balancing the unison of a towny guy with a village background.

Mail Movie Positives:

The director managed to carry and preserve the innocence of the character through the end of the movie. Uday Gurrala, who is also DOP for the film did a splendid job, that helped the audience to blend in comfortably with the movie's environment. The climax gives a sweet surprise packed with a little set of twists.

Mail Movie Negatives:

The film lacks the magic of the music composed by Sweekar Agasti. The storyline is weak and lagging, which not many might appreciate. There aren't many fun generating scenes. The director could make better use of Priyadarshi to thrive a bit of comedy. The climax is good comes off a bit wrapped in a hurry.

Mail Movie Verdict:

The movie falls under the feel-good category. It is an eye feast for someone who enjoys the village vibe. Both the lead actors are promising, individually. But the director didn't have much to contribute to the romantic sequence. The film has enough twists to sit through the end. Songs didn't hit off well but the BGM strung by Kamran is in tune with the film. Lastly, If you are in search of a movie that soothes you then this could be your next choice.