Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi

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21 Aug 2020 02:02:00

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Review: A bland film that comes up with a routine story

Aha Video's latest release Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurou Veedhi is out for viewers from August 21st and doesn't really create an imapct.
Manoj Kumar

Updated: August 21, 2020 16:36 IST

Rating : 2/5

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Story:

Balu (Munna) is a village lad who falls in love with his neighbor Swapna (Drishika Chander). After a few instances, even Swapna starts loving back Munna. But the problem arises with the girl's father Veeraswamy (Ravi Varma) who is an ardent caste maniac. He can go to any extent to keep his honor in the village. How he reacted to his daughter's love forms the main plot of this movie.

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Performances:

Both Munna and Drishika made their onscreen debut with this movie. Munna suited to the getup of a young village chap. We can see him imitating a lot of other Telugu heroes from rural films in the past. He gave a decent performance but it doesn't stand out. His lack of emotions can be visible in a few key sequences. Drishika looks good as a village girl. Her performance is okay and suited to the role. Ravi Varma is the major highlight of the movie. His role as a caste fanatic stands out and he came out as a surprise package. C/o Kancherapalem fame Subba Rao also done justice to his role. Rest others have nothing much to do in the movie.

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Technical Aspects:

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi's story is not new and we are seeing movies like these for the last few decades. The lack of newness makes things boring right in the initial minutes of the movie. Director Pouluru Krishna came up with a recipe is stale and rotten. The first half resembles Tholi Prema and the second half looks like a copy of Sairat. The music is average and so is the background score. The cinematography is good. The visuals of the village got shown aesthetically. The production values are average due to the low budget. Editing could have been a lot better.

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Positives:

Ravi Varma's performance is the major plus for this movie. Apart from that, the interval sequence and the pre-climax sequence makes us hooked to our seats. Especially, the pre-climax scene got handled well and the director explained his intentions in a proper way.

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Negatives:

The age-old story is the first and major negative of the film. The screenplay is routine and has nothing new to offer. If we are going with a conventional formulaic story, we need to come up with engaging screenplay and dialogues. But Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi fails to do it well. Thus, it becomes a boring watch right in the beginning. The lack of proper chemistry between the lead pair also remains negative. The editing could have got done better to make it a bit crisp.

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Verdict:

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi movie is a bland film that comes up with a routine story.